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Epoxy Non Slip Coating - Concrete Floor Anti-Slip

Epoxy Non Slip Coating - Concrete Floor Anti-Slip

Every warehouse and facility can take advantage of the Safety Enhancements that a Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating can do almost immediately. Clients ask, how can we make our concrete floors or surfaces less slippery? You want to do it, just to make it safe and do the right thing so people don't fall and possibly break bones or have other injuries. It is also needed to protect yourself from liability from a persons injuries. 1,000,000 plus people seek medical help or treatment from slips every year. You can do something about it.     Available in an epoxy broadcast nonslip coating kit, Traction-N-More which comes in  Master Kit (TZ-20-22-M-6) sizes that cover up to 600 ft.² and also and half size kits. This non-slip coating is available in a variety of colors and will also match custom color chips. 

Traction and More provides excellent epoxy non slip resistance on floors, ramps, warehouse floors, manufacturing plant floors,  especially on concrete where the epoxy can penetrate into the pores of the existing surface and provide a permanent molecular bond. This nonslip coating will also seal off any area that you apply it to. To use it simply mix the A and B cans let stand for 30 minutes and paint it down on the surface with a roller. Follow up by broadcasting the aggregate over the area while still wet over and in a uniform fashion.

Available Colors for Non-Slip Epoxy

Final coating is like an industrial sandpaper type finish.

Safety Seal is a premixed Anti-slip coating product that comes in a 5 gallon pail which will cover up to 1200 ft.² on inside and concrete areas. Safety Seal provides excellent slip resistance.

Interstate products continues to provide nonslip solutions to industry, government facilities as well as residential and contractor applications. Both products are also available in a pedestrian grade grit which has a lower profile grit for barefoot areas or livestock. New additions include the new low temperature cold weather coating and the new "Bare Feet" version of the epoxy non skid coating Traction N More with a lower profile grit.

Jun 26th 2021 @ 2:01 PM Rich Eisenberg

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