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​Spill Pallets: What Are They And What Do They Provide?

​Spill Pallets: What Are They And What Do They Provide?

Spill pallets are used for storage and secondary containment of drums, pails, totes, tanks, and more containers. Interstate Products provides a selection of these spill pallets available in steel and poly models. Also available are fluorinated for more aggressive chemicals.

Commonly used for spill containment of drums and totes, spill pallets are useful for many other applications as well. Interstate Products (IPI), provides drum and tank spill containment products from a variety of leading manufacturers and shipping points. Resulting in quick delivery and value prices to you.

Containment product selections - provide indoor and outdoor storage and spill containment solutions. Spill pallets are available in a number of configurations to accommodate different sizes, shapes, and quantities, of containers.

Spill Containment Products from IPI help meet government regulations for storage of most containers. For more information please contact your Interstate rep today at 1-800-474-7294.

Aug 12th 2021 @ 5:11 PM Rich Eisenberg

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