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Drum Rollers

Hydra-Lift Drum Roller

• Designed to lift and roll your closed drum to mix and blend the contents.
• Provides "hands-off" drum handling and mixing.
• This ergonomic design allows you to load an upright drum at floor level.

Portable Drum Roller

• Roll your closed drums to mix and blend the contents with Morse industrial drum mixers.
• This compact, portable, industrial drum mixer and drain stand rolls closed drums to agitate the contents.
• It has a built-in retractable tipping lever to assist loading.
• The motor is explosion proof, and air powered.

Stationary Drum Roller

• Choose a fixed drum rotation speed with either 10, 20, or 30 RPM motors.
• Variable speed models are also available from 10-40 RPM, which is easily regulated by a turning a knob.
• Single and Double drum rollers are available.
• Units come with four drive wheels and 4 idler wheels.

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