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Eagle Speciality Cans

Eagle Speciality Cans

The professional way to drain & collect automotive or truck oil.

Eagle Lift Oil Drain Cans are perfect for auto or truck work bays, service stations and garages that use lifts. Featuring a large 11.5” diameter funnel on a telescoping tube that extends from 38” when lowered to 66” when raised. Once the assembly is adjusted to the correct height, simply hold in position by tightening a thumb set screw. The can has a storage capacity of 6 gallons and can be set on an optional dolly providing total mobility.

The Eagle Tallow Pot is an ideal way to maintain and lubricate machinery or industrial equipment. The 4 pint capacity, 6.25” spout and heavy-duty construction will stand up to daily abuse in the toughest workplaces such as foundries, machine shops, factories and steel mills.

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