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Rust Converter - One Step Rust Killer

The Rust Converter killer treatment that neutralizes existing rust and acts as a smooth long lasting primer on both rust on metal and previously painted surfaces. In use for over a decade and one of our longest running products.

Rust Converters @ IPI quickly kill rust and neutralize the rust completely. Water based "1" STEP rust converter works by a chemical reaction with the rust to eliminate existing rust. One Step Rust Converter Covers up to 500 sq. ft. per gallon. It can be sanded, top coated, body puttied or left as is. A top coat will add more rust protection. See before and after on our One Step the Rust Killer & Converter in action pictures below.

Applying "1" Step

BEFORE PHOTO: Apply "1" STEP (THE RUST KILLER) to any rusted surface. "1" STEP treatment penetrates and neutralizes the rust. White when applied and then dries into long lasting black protective coating.

After Two Years

AFTER PHOTO: After two years the untreated metal underneath has rusted away. "1" STEP converter treatment continues to protect the metal section above it. The final color of black may vary depending on stage of rust this paint is used on.

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