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Collapsible Spill Containment : Ultratech Collapsible Spill Berms

Collapsible Spill Containment : Ultratech Collapsible Spill Berms

If you are looking for an economical collapsible spill containment berm design that sets up quickly and provides secure spill containment, look no further Ultratech collapsible wall containment berm. 

This Spill Berm has PVC Sidewall Assemblies for the containment area but are quickly lowered allowing easy access.  Simply swivel the "feet" of the Berm PVC supports to lower or raise the sidewalls quickly. Normally there is some stock or call your IPI rep at 1-800-474-7294 for service.  

These collapsible spill containment berms are ideal for trucks, tankers, 55 gallon drums storage, totes, or many other containers. Key Features: Several fabric options of use the standard CP2K spill berm fabric provide years of service and excellent chemical compatibility. The Ultratech collapsible system helps with compliance and meetings SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 Spill Containment Regulations. 

Spill Berm sizes include smaller them 10' x 10' x 12" and up to 100' or longer sizes available. 10' x 10' x 12" spill berms ship UPS and larger sizes by common carrier form SC. Ultratech is a brand you can trust and makes a variety of high quality spill containment berm models including Rapid Rise Berms, L bracket, Foam containment, Ultimate drive thru Berms, as well as modular models including the Gorilla Spill Containment system and the Ultra Wall Spill Containment with 3' high walls. 

Contact IPI today for quotes, orders service, lead times or questions on collapsible spill berms. IPI is your spill berm supplier with more choices and expediting services available.

Check out Q & A below:

Q: What is the operating temperature range for the Containment Berms?
A: PVC: Max 150°F, Min: -20°F 
    Copolymer-2000: Max 160°F, Min: -25°F

Q: What are the weights of the different materials? 
A: Copolymer 2000 - 25 oz. / sq. yard
     PVC - 22 oz. / sq. yard

Q: What if I need to use the Ultra Collapsible Containment Berm with a chemical that is not listed in the compatibility guide? 
A: We can check for an answer from the UltraTech engineers, we can send a test kit for a 30-day immersion test.

Q: What if I do not see the size I need?  
A: UltraTech can make Containment Berms in any size to fit your requirements.

Q: What if I need a taller spill berm? 
A: Spill Containment Berms can be made with sidewall heights of 12", 18" or 24".

Q: What freight class do the Containment Berms ship under?
A:  Class 125. 10  x 10 sizes and smaller ship UPS.

Q: What are available options for my collapsible spill containment berm?
A: These spill berms are available in just about any size you need.

Q: How do I order this spill berm?
A:  Call IPI today at 1-800-474-7294 or buy on the Interstate website for fulfillment.

Dec 27th 2022 @ 4:25 PM Rich Eisenberg

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