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Justrite Safety Showers & Eye/Face Wash Equipment

Justrite Safey Showers & Eye/Face Wash Equipment

Justrite's Emergency safety showers and eyewashes - reliable, effective personal treatment. For chemical splashes and spills, caustic burns, bloodborne pathogens, and airborne/blown particulates, use Justrite safety showers and eye/ face washes in industrial and hazardous environments. Proven quality-design meets and exceeds ANSI Z358.1 OSHA compliant and Meets EN15154.

Interstate Products is happy to work with you on Justrite Safety Shower bulk prices, general information and more.

Accidents involving hazardous or toxic chemicals are a constant safety threat in many industries. How you react in the first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to a toxic substance is crucial. Shop Below or Contact us @ IPI today to discuss your Justrite Safety Shower needs.

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