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Agricultural Pesticide Chemical Storage Buildings

Agricultural Pesticide Chemical Storage Buildings

With safety regulations in mind, IPI has been providing SECURALL® pesticide & chemical storage buildings for over two decades. Perfectly suited to the needs of Golf Courses, Farms, Nurseries and Greenhouses etc., these specialized units offer an invaluable safeguard against potential tragedies such as theft or fire - as well as accidental exposures that can lead to poisoning. By helping protect people from dangerous chemicals while meeting applicable requirements; these structures are key components when it comes to keeping employees safe during hazardous activities like mixing and handling pesticides or other agricultural products.us, our unbeatable customer service boasts a 4.8 overall satisfaction rating. With 25 years in business, combined with our 3500 and growing awesome 3rd Party client reviews, when you need a storage building "It Makes Sense to Buy@IPI". Contact the "IPI Building TEAM" today @ 1-800-474-7294 for unsurpassed service.

Pesticide Storage Building

If you need assistance, contact us at 1-800-474-7294 and speak to a building specialist.

Chemical Storage Building Features and options.


Securall® Pesticide & Chemical Storage Buildings are designed with a wide variety of standard features to help our customers gain compliance with hazmat storage codes quickly and easily. Pesticide Storage Buildings are designed for storage of hazardous agricultural and turf-management chemicals. Securall's quality cannot be beat with standard features such as corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel construction, tornado and hurricane resistant walls, and interlocking wall panels designed for superior strength and durability. All models are FM approved and are EPA & OSHA compliant. Electrical installed in accordance with the NEC 2008 and 2011 editions and include UL Classified electrical accessories. Electrical Classification available at an additional charge. • Securall's pesticide and chemical storage buildings come with three tiers of shelving, interior and exterior lighting, a receptacle and load center. • AG1200 and below are designed to fit in a standard high cube shipping container, reducing shipping costs and labor time.

* Exterior Walls: (Models AG200 through AG1200) 16 gauge galvannealed steel.
* Interior Walls: 20-gauge galvannealed steel (3" air space between walls)
* Sump: 12-gauge steel liquid tight, continuously welded. 
* Grating: Removable galvanized steel (Optional)
* Forklift channel: 12 gauge galvanized steel 
* Grounding: OSHA Compliant Static ground connection inside and out on all explosion rated models 
* Labeling: NFR warning label, Hazard Ratings System, Instructions
* Venting: Natural convection vents 
* Explosion Relief Panels: 22 gauge steel opening protected by expanded steel 
* Available with 2 or 4 hour fire rating 
* Chemical/corrosive/ultraviolet resistant paint 
* Removable galvanized steel safety floor planking

Slip resistant planking 13" wide, 12 gauge galvanized steel with raised perforated buttons and debossed holes protruding down. Galvanized steel floor planking above sump area for maximum corrosion resistance. Floor planking designed to sustain a minimum uniformly distributed load of 250 pounds per square foot. Floor planking and supports are removable to facilitate sump cleaning in the event of a spill.

Used in the construction of buildings designed to store Class IA and Class IB flammables. Explosion relief panels limit the damage within an enclosed hazardous location. When the panel(s) are subjected to an explosive force, the pressure relieving panel quickly vents the force before it causes major damage. The panels are designed to release at 20 psf.

Securall® Fire-Rated Hazardous Material Storage Buildings (10'H X 42'W X 9'D Max Dimensions) carry the Factory Mutual System Approval label and are constructed based upon UL Fire Resistance Ratings classification criteria. In addition, all Fire-Rated Buildings come with hydraulic operated self-closing, fire-rated doors and fire damper protected vents.

Flammable Material Storage Building


Explosion Proof Interior Light

OP0001 Explosion Proof Interior Light w/Switch 
OP0002 Explosion Proof Exterior Light w/Photo Cell 
OP0003 Dust/Moisture Resistant Light w/Switch (interior)

OP0001-A Additional Explosion Proof Interior Light 
OP0002w/01 Additional Explosion Proof Exterior Light 
OP0003-F Dust/Moisture Resistant Flourescent Light w/Switch (interior)

Explosion & Non-Explosion Proof Heater (OP009 must be purchased)

OP0006-6 Explosion Proof Heater(6,143 BTU)
OP0006-12 Explosion Proof Heater(12,286 BTU) 
OP0006-25 Explosion Proof Heater(25,938 BTU) 
OP0006-10FF Explosion Proof Heater, Fan Forced (10,000 BTU)

OP0006-25FF Explosion Proof Heater, Fan Forced (25,600 BTU) 
OP0006-34FF Explosion Proof Heater, Fan Forced (34,100 BTU) 
OP0009 R-11 insulation

Explosion proof A/C (OP009 must be purchased)

OP0007-14 Explosion proof A/C 14,000 BTU 
OP0007-19 Explosion proof A/C 19,000 BTU

OP0009 R-11 insulation

Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System & Accesssories

OP0010 Dry Chem. Fire Suppression System (Please Specify Building Model) 
OP0010A Dry Chemical Alarm

OP0010-T Tie-In 
OP0010S w/ Strobe

Water Sprinkler System

OP0011 Water Sprinkler System w/1"NPT Feed 
OP0012 Water Spr. Sys. w/Fire Hose Adapter

Explosion Proof Exhaust

OP0013 Explosion Proof Exhaust 
OP0013-1000 Explosion Proof Exhaust (1,000 CFM) 
OP0013-343 Explosion Proof Exhaust w/Indicator Light (343 CFM) 
OP0013-388 Explosion Proof Exhaust w/Indicator Light (388 CFM)

OP0013-600 Explosion Proof Exhaust w/Indicator Light (600 CFM) 
OP0013-900 Explosion Proof Exhaust w/Indicator Light (900 CFM) 
OP0013-A Alarm for Explosion Proof Exhaust 
OP0013-B Break Glass for Explosion-Proof Exhaust

Industrial Exhaust System

OP0020 Industrial Exhaust System 
OP0020-1 Industrial Exhaust System (1,000 CFM)

Personal Door, Fusible Link Door Closer

OP0016 60" Double Door Upgrade For B600 - B1200 ONLY 
OP0021-36 Personal Door (36"Wx80"H) 
OP0021-48 Personal Door (48"Wx80"H) 
OP0021-54 Additional Double Door - 1-1/2 hr. fire rated (54"Wx80"H) 
OP0021-72 Double Door - 1-1/2 hr. fire rated (72"Wx80"H)

OP0021-108 Double Door (60"Wx108"H) 
OP0021-FR2 Additional Double Door - 2 hr. fire rated (60"Wx80"H) 
OP0021-FR4 Additional Double Door - 4 hr. fire rated (60"Wx80"H) 
OP0036 Fusible Link Hold Open, Door Closer

Overhead Roll-Up Door

OP0061 96”H x 108”W Overhead Roll-Up Door (Fire Rated) 
OP0061-8X8 96”H x 96”W Overhead Roll-Up Door (Fire Rated)

OP0062 108”W x 108”H Overhead Roll-Up Door, Fire Rated 
OP0063 Ball Bearing Roller Option

Shelving & Workbench

OP0022 Shelves, 14"W w/ 2" lip sides 
OP0022-16 Shelves, 16"W w/ 2" lip sides 
OP0022-25 Shelves, 25 "W w/ 2" lip sides

OP0022-WB Workbench (1/8" Alumium) 
OP0022-WBSS Workbench (Stainless Steel) 
OP0022-LT Shelves, 14" w/ 2" lip sides (Leak Tight)

Fiberglass Floor Grating

OP0024-F Fiberglass Floor Grating

Galvanized Steel Floor Grating

OP0024-GS-2 Galvanized Steel Floor Grating

Portable Eyewash Station

OP0025-6 Portable Eyewash Station (6 Gal.) 
OP0025-16 Portable Eyewash Station (16 Gal.)

OP0025-PL Portable Eyewash Station

Sump & Sump Drain

OP0015 HDPE Sump Liner-Polyethylene .04" thick plastic welded 
OP0029 Sump Drain w/ Lockable Valve, 2” NPT 
OP0029-1 Sump Drain w/ Lockable Valve, 1” NPT 
OP0029-2.5 Sump Drain w/ Lockable Valve, 1 ½” NPT

OP0029-D-2 Sump Drain only w/ 2” NPT 
OP0029-D-1 Sump Drain only w/ 1” NPT 
OP0029-D-1.5 Sump Drain only w/ 1 ½” NPT 
OP0056 R13 Insulation in Sump

Paint & Primer

OP0030 Custom Paint Color

OP0031 Primer Coat for Saltwater

Separation Wall/Sump Divider

OP0034-NR Separation Wall/Sump Divider, 8ft Deep Bldg, Non-Fire Rated, Panel Construction 
OP0034-FR2 Separation Wall/Sump Divider, 8ft Deep, Bldg. 2 Hr Fire Rated, UL-U425 Design

OP0034-FR4 Separation Wall/Sump Divider, 8ft Deep, Bldg. 4 Hr Fire Rated, UL-U490 Design

Adjustable Vents

OP0041 Adjustable Vents 18 x 18 
OP0041-IC Adjustable Vents 18 x 18 w/ Insulated Cover 
OP0039 Insect Screens on Vents

OP0045 Weatherproof Shrouds for Vents

Grounding Kit

OP0023 Grounding Kit (8 ft. rod, 10ft. cable & clamp) 
OP0040-2 Grounding Bus Bar - 2 ft. Long (Mounted)

OP0040-4 Grounding Bus Bar - 4 ft. Long (Mounted) 
OP0040-6 Grounding Bus Bar - 6 ft. Long (Mounted)

Electrical Accessories

OP0005 Explosion proof receptacle Interior Only 
OP0033-I Waterproof Receptacle (Interior)

OP0033-E Waterproof Receptacle (Exterior w/ Cover)



OP0027-2 Bulkheads up to 2” Diameter O.D., Schedule 40 
OP0027-20 Bulkheads up to 20 x 12 Opening 
OP0028 Portable Fire Extinguisher 
OP0038 Hoist Rings 
OP0042 L-Handle for Buildings for ADA Compliance 
OP0051 Skylights (1 for 3200 & smaller, 2 for 4800 & larger) - Non Fire Rated 
OP0052 Fire Extinguisher Holder

OP0054 Flammables DOT Placard 
OP0055 Combustibles DOT Placard 
OP0059 Wind Turbine w/ Collar 303 CFM (adds 12” to H) 
OP0059-C Wind Turbine Collar only 
OP0064 4" Roof Channels (Qty 2) 
OP0066 Bridge Crane 
OP0067 Explosion Proof Drum Lifter

Please Note: Some building photos may show optional accessories. 

FM - Factory Mutual Approved.
*Complies with OSHA regulations.
+All cabinets are designed in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.


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