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Eagle Paint and Ink Cabinets

Eagle Paint and Ink Cabinets

FM approved Paint & Ink Safety Cabinets are designed to safely and securely storing and organizing paint and ink cans.

These cabinets include all the features of other Eagle cabinets and are available in red and yellow with additional shelves to maximize storage space. Capacity is based on the number of 1 gallon paint containers the cabinet will hold.

• Reinforced Double Wall Construction with 1.5" Air Space on Sides, Top, Bottom, and Doors
• Lead-Free High Gloss Polyester Hybrid Powder Baked-on Finish
• Continuous Piano Hinge
• 2" Vent with Fire Baffle and Cap
• 4 Adjustable Galvanized Leveling Legs
• Adjustable Galvanized Steel Shelves Hold 500 lbs.
• Internal & External Welded Construction
• 2" Vent with Fire Baffle and Cap
• Three Point Key Lock
• 2" Raised Leakproof Sill

Many sizes/styles available! Call us at 1-855-829-3277 for BULK DISCOUNTS, freight quotes, questions and exceptional customer service! Ask how to save on shipping with convenient shipping locations.

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