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EAGLE Outdoor Ashtrays

EAGLE Outdoor Ashtrays - SafeSmoker™ and Butt Cans

EAGLE offers 27 different models to choose from including multiple colors and sizes for your facility maintenance needs. EAGLE SafeSmokers™ and Butt Cans are low maintenance, easy to access, and a breeze to empty. You are sure to find the right choice to compliment your building, facility, or outdoor area.

Decorative - EAGLE Decorative SafeSmoker™ are made out of high density polyethlene with UV inhibitors and feature vertical flutes, horizontal rings and beautiful finials that blend with the nicest buildings and facilities.

Metal/Poly - EAGLE Butt Cans provide for clean and safe disposal of ashes and cigarettes. Newly designed polyethylene tube helps keep rain water out and unslightly butts in.

Polyethylene - EAGLE Butt Cans are made of high density polyethlene with UV inhibitors, and a galvanized steel collection bucket inside.The design restricts oxygen to quickly extinquish burning butts.

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