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Drum Tumblers

Tilt-To-Load Tumblers

• Rotate drum with a vigorous "corner-over-corner" action!
• Using a Morse Rotator eliminates spills and splashing of dangerous contents on workers, and risk of contamination.
• The user controls the hydraulic tilting action that raises the drum into position for rotating.
• Rotate various sized drums, weighing up to 800 Lbs.

End Over End Tumblers

• Morse drum tumblers turn your sealed 55-gallon drum end-over end to mix separated ingredients back into suspension.
• Turning drums End-Over-End with a drum tumbler provides a more aggressive mixing action.
• Units can handle 55-Gallon Steel Drums with a capacity up to 800 pounds.

Can Tumblers

• Mix or agitate small batches quickly and economically.
• Cans are held at an angle on a horizontal rotating shaft resulting in a vigorous "corner-over-corner" mixing action.
• Single and Double can tumblers are available.
• Tumbles up to 23 RPM and can handle 100 Lb cans.

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