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Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Half Kit

Non-Slip Coating : TZ-20-22-6
Product Label:
  • Epoxy Half Kit Traction N More Non Slip Coating
  • Epoxy Traction N More Non Slip Coating Colors
  • Before Application of Non-Slip Coating
  • After Application of Non-Slip Coating
  • Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Half Kit
  • Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Half Kit
  • Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Half Kit
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Price: $164.75


Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Master Kit - For the strongest possible bond, use our DIY kit packed up in a 6 gallon mixing pail containing a powerful combination of epoxy resin, hardener and aggregate for long-lasting slip resistance. Ideal for concrete surfaces or short term application on steel but not suitable to apply on fiberglass or tile.

Create a safe environment for pedestrians and vehicles alike with this 100% Epoxy Non Slip coating Kit! Easy to apply, simply clean the surface and mix up two parts of paint. Then roll down over the area you wish to cover, broadcast aggregate in a uniform fashion, and let it dry – 24 hours for foot traffic areas like sidewalks or steps; 48 hours are recommended when applying on accessible vehicular surfaces such as driveways or production floors. This durable material can resist heavy wear from forklifts while protecting those traversing your property against hazardous slips & falls.

Transform a slippery work environment into an ultra-safe and stylish space with our epoxy non slip coating! The powerful industrial sandpaper like finish offers unparalleled grip, even in wet or liquid conditions. Plus, it's easy to clean - great for both indoor or outdoor use on floors, stairs, walkways decks etc. You can also customize your product color as close as possible to match any existing flooring design you have. Elevate the safety of your job site while maintaining its aesthetic appeal today!

One 1/2 Kit offers superior protection to surfaces up to 300 square feet, depending on porosity. Choose between our Standard or Custom Colors – giving you the perfect fit every time.

Easy To Apply:
Get the job done right and just once with our epoxy paint for lasting results that won't slip! Start off by cleaning and drying your surface thoroughly, then mix two parts of our special blend in a corded drill for five minutes. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes so it can activate before rolling on an even coat with a medium knap roller; For extra durability and heavy traffic areas you may apply a second coat after 24 hours for extra protection and wear. Then simply broadcast the aggregate over the final freshly painted area to get that signature sandpaper like finish, robust enough against even forklift traffic!

Ensure you're applying your product in just the right spot. Our adhesive is strong and reliable, but can be a real challenge to get off if it's not where you want it!

Cure Time:
This will vary on temperature and relative humidity. 24 Hours for Foot Traffic. 48 Hours for Vehicular Traffic.

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