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Ultra Trench Filter Boom

Ultra Trench Filter Boom

Ultratech Trench Filter Boom

The Ultra-Trench Filter Boom, has moved the filtering solution above the drain and actually treat the water before it even reaches the drain. Using X-Tex material, hydrocarbons are quickly removed and captured from the stormwater flow, allowing only clean rainwater to flow into the trench drain.

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    Ultra Trench Filter Boom -9703

    Price: $36.00
    Ultratech Trench Filter Boom Stop oil and other hydrocarbons from entering trench drains There are a number of UltraTech stormwater management products for standard storm drains. A smaller number of combination drains… but still a fair amount...
    Storm Water : UT-9703
    Price: $36.00
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    Price: $36.00
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