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Justrite D.O.T. AccuFlow Cans

Justrite D.O.T. AccuFlow Cans

Only Justrite's D.O.T. AccuFlow Safety Cans comply with the Dept. of Transportation AND FM Global

Compliance with Department of Transportation regulations for over the road transport of flammables is simpler and more affordable than ever with Justrite's D.O.T. compliant AccuFlow Safty Cans - ideal when remote usage of gas fueled equipment is needed.

To prevent vapor release and spills during transport, a hold down bracket is tethered to the spout and equipped with a big, easy to grasp tightening screw. When used for the transport of fuel, the fusible link bracket is easy to engage and guards against content spillage and vapor release as required by D.O.T. The fusible link melts at 165°F to prevent dangerous pressure build up at elevated temperatures. Simply disengage the fusible link bracket when the can is not being used for transportation purposes and the can acts like a normal safety can. AccuFlow's exclusive Safe-Squeeze trigger mechanism opens the piston actuated spout and vacuum release valve for accurate pouring. A release of the handle instantly closes the valve to guard against spills.

Built in safety features include internal flame arresters to dissipate heat and prevent flashback ignition; leak tight, self closing lid; automatic venting between 3 and 5 psig; and heavy roll bars to protect the spout.

Meets D.O.T. and HM-181 requirements. United Nations Approved
UN Marking: 1A1/Y1.2/100. Accepted container under CARB.

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