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Rust Control


Don't let the harmful effects of rust destroy your valuable and expensive equipment.

Rust will never go away on its own and will only get worse over time. Rust causes metal surfaces to decay, fatigue, weaken and eventually fail. You can be certain that rust damage will continue unless properly treated. That is why we offer two great products that will restore and protect rust prone surfaces. Both products are fast acting, easy to use, effective and safe when used as directed.

One Step Rust Killer™ is a rust converter that neutralizes existing rust and acts as a smooth long lasting primer on both rusted metal and previously painted surfaces. Once applied, a chemical reaction occurs that bonds with rust leaving a surface that can be sanded, top coated, body puttied or left as is. 

Rust Away Liquid is the ideal solution for removing rust stains, dirt and algae from concrete and other porous surfaces. It eliminates rust from virtually any metal surface and is perfect for use in dip tanks. Rust Away 10x Jell works the same way but has a thicker consistency providing excellent surface adhesion that is ideal for removing rust from large equipment and structures that have vertical surfaces. Call for more information 1-855-679-2680 »