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Selective Herbicides

Triple Selective Herbicides target and kill a specific weed type or group of weeds.


Basically, any plant growing in the lawn that does not resemble grass is a broadleaf weed including dandelions, creeping charlie, beggar weed etc. If your turf grass has many broadleaf weeds, your best solution is to use our concentrated Triple selective herbicide designed to provide large scale treatment that will kill and control a wide variety of weed infestations. Our concentrated liquid selective herbicide offers you the flexibility to vary the concentration level to economically eliminate the most difficult broadleaf weed types without harming ornamental or turf grasses. Our convenient aerosol weed killer is perfect for spot control of dandelion, fescue and over 140 types of broadleaf weeds in turf grasses or in beds with ornamental plants.

Please Note: Many of our Herbicide and Insecticide products should only be used by landscape and pest control professionals. Experienced gardeners and homeowners should exercise caution when using and closely follow directions on the label for handling, application and disposal. Some Herbicides and Insecticides are not available for sale in states where prohibited by law and/or regulation. Please check the Tech Data sheet on the product specific page for states were restrictions apply.

Please explore the subcategories below to determine the ideal grounds care product solution for your facility. If you have any questions about 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid based products, 55 gallon drums or you would like to hear about how you can save money with our volume discounts, please contact one of our product specialists at 1-800-474-7294 and they will be happy to assist you.

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