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Expert Tips and Advice - RUST

Expert Tips and Advice - RUST

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Handling Rust – Convert or Remove?

The first thing to consider about a rusted object is: “How you will use it?”

If you want the end result to be exposed, bare metal, then a rust remover is better suited for the task. For example; an old hand tool, like a wrench or screwdriver. If you will eventually paint the object – such as the outside of a storage tank, automotive body part or frame, a fence railing – a rust converter and primer all-in-one is probably best.

1 Step Rust Killer

For a bare metal finish you can use acids, a wire brush, a power drill, a grinder or a sand-blaster. Most acids are extremely corrosive and hazardous, so local and federal regulations need to be consulted, as well safety requirements for storage and handling. Also, acids take longer because they need to soak in to eat away at the rust.

If you don’t need a bare metal finish then a rust converter may be the best choice. These products actually convert the rust to a non-ferrous substance so the rust is gone and the primer like surface that remains cannot rust again. If desired, it can be sanded, painted and body puttied.

IPI has been recommending “1” Step Rust Killer for more than 20 years; it is one of our most popular products with a favorable customer rating of over 97%. Prep time is minimal and it dries in about 30 minutes. It is non-toxic and contains zero VOC or HAP.


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