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​Hughes Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations

​Hughes Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations

Famed for providing excellent quality standards when supplying emergency safety showers and eye and face wash equipment, Hughes Safety Shower has certainly built the reputation for engineering some of the most innovative portable shower models as of date. With over 50 years of industrial equipment manufacturing experience, it is safe to say that Hughes shower products have been used in pharmaceutical, food production, water treatment, waste management, and mining industries.

Time and time again, we at IPI have delivered outstanding quality equipment with our most in-demand Hughes shower models ever:

  • 1.Hughes Emergency Indoor Cubicle Shower

This Hughes shower model is specifically designed with a stainless steel exterior to prevent the steel pipes from corrosion, thus extending its durability. Weighing up to 270 1bs, Hughes portable showers have the exterior dimension of 94.8" H x 41" W x 41.2" Dand have the minimum operating pressure of 2 bar g, 29 PSI; whereas its maximum operating pressure is 6 bar g, 87 PSI.

Hughes showers are all ANSI-compliant which means that overspray is prevented when an individual enters the cubicle since the showers are only activated by hand. To add to that, Hughes shower and eyewash portable cubicles include aerated diffusers with fine mesh strainers as well as a flow-controller – these components supply a comfortable and soft scrubbing motion to the face and eyes without causing any harshness to the delicate surface of the eyes and face.

Hughes showers are all hygiene compliant; which is why they include covered bowls over their eyewash nozzles so that they remain free from contamination at all times. All that is required to activate these nozzles is to pull down the cover and reach the flow regulator positioned on the inside of the shower to suit the severity or mildness of the water flow.

The exterior of Hughes mobile shower cubicles beingconstructed with a stainless steel material fulfills the purpose of protecting the shower cubicles from the harshest external environments and site conditions. Hughes shower systems feature quarter-turn ball valves and low-operating torques to allow easier on-off operations in times of emergency. These valves are also designed with stainless steel top-plates so that they can process rough operations without facing any barriers.

One of the many benefits of installing and using Hughes portable showers is that they consist of integral drain sumps which reduce the risk of contaminated water flooding outside the cubicle. Submersible pumps are also part and parcel in the cubicle's internal architecture and prevent overflow of water by pumping out wastewater into the drain. Furthermore, Hughes shower and eye/face wash cubicles are protected with acrylic-capped ABS lids which function as a protection against debris and dust.

  • 2.Hughes Eye & Face Wash Combination Shower, Floor Mount

This mounted combination safety shower comes with a topwater inlet that offers initial on-site treatment to the eyes, face, and full body when exposed to hazardous fumes and chemicals. Our Hughes eye and face wash combination shower is most suitable for being used in situations that neither result in freezing or overheating.

Design-wise, Hughes combination showers come along with innovatively-designed valves that are made up of heavy-duty stainless steel stop-plates to support operational handling with ease. Hughes combination showers weigh up to 37.5 1bs which means they can be easily mounted on to the floor. The nozzles are made of nylon 6 which allow a firmer grip for easy on/off handling and also serve the function for immediate water draining. The eye and face wash diffusers, on the other hand, are chrome-plated brass with a stainless steel mesh to prevent contamination.

And because our shower cubicles are ANSI-compliant, the nozzles in Hughes showers are self-draining, removable, and provide optimal distribution of water without causing any overspray. These nozzles have also been installed to reduce the possibility of insect nesting thanks to their stainless steel coated exterior.

Due to the installment of these 316L stainless steel and high-performing quarter-turn ball valves, Hughes showers cubicles can, and have, endured the harshest external environments and conditions when placed on-site.

At IPI, we have been in service for more than 20 years and have been providing exceptional maintenance, environmental and safety product solutions to almost all industries since our inception. We also have some of the most market-compatible prices and have a team of hands-on experts who will gladly assist you in finding the most suitable Hughes shower fit you have been looking for. We aim to deliver exceptional-quality products right at your doorstep damage-free and that too countrywide!

For more information on Hughes Shower products and shower models, please head over to our website https://store.interstateproducts.com/safety-eye-wash-showers/ or get in touch with our experts at 800-474-7294. 

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