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​What if you could clean up a spill or leak before it happened?

​What if you could clean up a spill or leak before it happened?

What if you could clean up a spill or leak before it happened? A spill containment pallet allows you to do just that, and it’s what it sounds like: a pallet with sump capacity. In other words, if your plastic or steel drum leaks, the potential spillage is already contained. A “just in case” backup system like this isn’t just a smart idea, it is recommended by the EPA.

Spill containment pallets come in a variety of sizes, types, and materials so you can pick the best products for your facility’s specific needs.If the spill containment pallet must be moved while the containers are fully loaded, carefully consider the design of the spill pallet and how the weight will be supported during the move, especially if the unit is not made of steel.

For polyethylene pallets:

Choose a standard-duty pallet when:

  • Liquids are stored in steel drums
  • The unit will not be moved while loaded
  • Corrosive or reactive chemicals are stored
  • Temperature extremes are not involved
  • Corrosion of steel in high-humidity/corrosive environments is a factor
  • Dedicated bonding/grounding points are not required
  • Cost is a primary concern

When the spill pallet must be mobile or hold high-load forces, the slightly increased cost of a heavy-duty, high-weight rated spill pallet will prove to be a worthy investment.

Choose a heavy-duty, high-weight rated pallet when:

  • The pallet could need to be moved while loaded
  • Liquids are stored in plastic drums
  • Various sized containers are being stored

Steel is typically preferred when:

  • Dedicated bonding/grounding points are required
  • Solvents, fuels, and polyethylene-degrading liquids are stored
  • Temperature extremes are involved
  • High-humidity/corrosive environments are not a factor

Spill pallets at Interstate products come in all sizes and in different dimensions. You may use these for 55 gallon drum, Tank, IBC tote and Tank storage. Interstate Spill containment pallets come from 4 manufacturers.

We include a wide selection of 55 gallon drum storage for indoors and outdoor purposes. Our IBC spill pallets also cover indoor and outdoor storage requirements.

Pallets include poly, steel, recycled and for extra aggressive chemicals our fluorinated models.

Visit our store today and check out our huge selection of spill pallets for your safety, spill and storage needs. Have a question contact one of our live experts.

Jun 21st 2019 @ 12:34 PM Rich Eisenberg

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