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​IPI – Provider of the Best Outdoor Drum Storage Sheds

​IPI – Provider of the Best Outdoor Drum Storage Sheds

If you thought we meant providing storage for your musical drums, then we are sorry to disappoint you. At IPI, we are all about supplying outdoor 55-gallon drum storage pallets, drum sheds and not to forget, tote, oil, and chemical spill containment sheds that provide secure outdoor storage for your chemical-based products covered protection.

Our covered drum storage containers are completely rust-safe. Having been constructed with 100% polyethylene material, our drum storage containers are also safe from corroding in even the harshest of climate. With built-in shed spill containment sumps, these containers help us meet the standards and guidelines as set by the SPCC, (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) storage and containment requirements.

This sort of IBC storage cover comes with lockable doors for safe and secure storage; which is also why it is designed in a fashion that makes it easy to lift using a forklift. This design also allows the containers to be easily relocated as per your need, proving once again to be excellent and convenient outdoor storage facilities.

In fact, our drum storage containers have been so well-received by our valuable clients, that by far the best-selling brands have been Justrite and Ultratech models P2 and P4. Coming in second place are the other, much larger drum sheds and storage units that have also garnered much appreciation by our industrial-based customers.

The most popular without a doubt has been the 55-gallon drums and IBC outdoor sheds; mainly because they protect harsh chemicals from weathering and losing their potency. Moreover, they also have passed the bar and kept in compliance thanks to meeting all of the SPCC regulations for spill containment and stormwater regulations.

And while the smaller containers are shipped as they are, the larger ones are assembled upon delivery as they are much more difficult to ship due to their weight and size.

UltraTech Outdoor Drum Storage

Our most demanded product out of all, UltraTech P2 and P4 are the solution to your storage problems.

UltraTech is by far the most ergonomically convenient drum storage product out there in the market and we are not surprised why. When needed to be set up, UltraTech storage containers come with a unique dual-closure facility which means they are easily accessible from either side.

Because these containers themselves hold a weight of 440 lbs, these storage containers are positioned at a safe and convenient angle to allow waste to pour into its funnels effortlessly. P4 specifically comprises of hard roll-tops which can easily be lifted from waist-height without the need of having to pull it down to ground level. This prevents chances of developing backaches and other serious physical conditions which is why this item is a best-seller.

Even though our most popular by demand storage container is the 55-gallon drum, we also furnish UltraTech containers that can hold up to 75 gallons which have the dimensions of 64½" x 62" x 79". In terms of how many drums these containers can hold, we’d say our standard storage containers can hold 2-4 drums. You can store hazardous chemicals, oils, fuel and other types of liquids without having to worry about polluting your surroundings.

Justrite EcoPolyBlend

Having delivered many of UltraTech and Justrite products, it is of no surprise to us when we see the orders rolling in for them. Their quality is amazing just as their pricing, making it an all-time favorite for industrialized businesses.

Justrite EcoPolyBlend Drum Shed is made up of 50% recycled polyethylene, making itself stand out as perfectly eco-friendly, safe and compliant to SPCC and EPA guidelines. This 4-drum shed unit is the answer to your storage woes because it entails some of the most impressive features one can think of.

Justrite is weather-resistant, meaning even if you are situated in a dry, arid area or a stormy, rainy or cloudy locality, Justrite EcoPolyBlend has everything under control. Its robust design makes it the perfect candidate for being used outdoors in the blistering heat as well as stormy winters because it can withstand all.

To add to its many amazing features, Justrite drum sheds roll up easily, allowing swift access from both the front and the rear. Its wide-opening doors allow one to store up to 4 drums without any hassle.

Thanks to its leak proof pallet sumps, along with removable and durable deck grating; Justrite allows all the waste to accumulate in one funnel and prevents junk pile-ups and spills. This again, makes it loved by all since its design and structure are EPA and SPCC-complaint.

In regards to safety measures, Outdoor Justrite drum sheds are equipped with secure grounding, integral anchor bolts for wind resistance, and padlocks. Their spacious interior and heightened headroom offers plenty of storage space for your drums, as well as adding funnels and pumps. They can carry up to 79 gallons of drums, with a total load-bearing capacity of 5,000 lbs. Standard dimensions of Justrite drum sheds are 60 ¾" x 68 ½" x 75 ¼" while their shipping weight is of 343 lbs.

We at IPI are the leading supplier of IBC storage and spill containment pallets, and understand the regulations businesses need to comply by. This is why we make sure to offer the best affordable rates through our website with pocket-friendly logistics and shipping rates. Every day, we value pricing above anything else, which is we are proud to offer you economic discounts and bulk rates to get you the service you deserve!

For more information on outdoor storage products and services, please check out our website https://store.interstateproducts.com/products/Outdoor-Drum-Storage or call us at 1-877-946-3044 to receive consultation from our storage experts. 

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"News about a burning river was a signal that something had gone very wrong with the environment."

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"My experience in dealing with tens of thousands of applications of Spill Containment, Facility Protection, Safety & Storage as well as supervising a staff of individuals providing a multitude of product solutions allows me the ability to draw on a vast amount of projects to find the right products for the clients applications. As an added value for IPI Clients, we are able to draw upon our partners and network of brand name and experienced manufacturer's."

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