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Expanded Product Line - Steel Spill Pallets

Expanded Product Line - Steel Spill Pallets

Interstate Products has expanded its steel spill containment pallets from a variety of manufactures this is in addition to the Poly-Spill Pallets as well as the Outdoor Hard Top Storage Containment. They provide sturdy and secure containment for 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes and 330 gallon containers. Excellent for storage of flammable liquids.

Eagle Manufacturing Steel Spill Pallets are rugged and durable for industrial use. The pallets are constructed of 12 gauge cold rolled steel with a baked on powder coat finish, these pallets are perfect for storage of flammable liquids. Eagle steel pallets are available in one drum, two drum and four drum capacities to accommodate all your storage needs. Helps meets many governmental regulations including EPA and SPCC.

Eagle Steel Pallet Features:
• Constructed of 12 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
• Full Welded and Leak Tested
• Blue baked-on powder coat finish
• Fork Lift pockets in the front and back
• Heavy duty and durable
• For steel drums
• Grating has 1/2" drain holes
• Grating removes for easy cleaning

Little Giant Steel Spill Pallets are constructed from heavy gauge steel that holds up in applications where plastic units just won't do, either for durability reasons, or when materials being stored are not compatible with plastic. Welded steel bar grating is removable for easy clean-up. Drip channels "hook" units of same heights together, help prevent drainage between units. Optional ramps available in 2 heights. All models help you comply with EPA and OSHA requirements; models with 66 and 99 gallon capacity help you comply with Uniform Fire Code. Little Giant steel pallets are available in two drum, four drum and six drum capacities for all your secondary containment needs.

Ultratech Steel Spill Pallets meet spill containment regulations for chemicals and flammable liquids. The Steel Model Ultra-Spill Pallets provide more than enough containment capacity to meet EPA and SPCC regulations and are not susceptible to fire or intense heat like plastic pallets.

Ultratech Spill Pallet Features:
• Spill pallets provide secondary containment for chemicals and hazardous materials - leaks and spills are captured before they can harm the surrounding environment.
• Heavy-duty, 14-gauge galvanized steel spill pallet construction provides years of service and excellent chemical resistance - will not melt or deform from extreme heat or fire.
• 100% leak free tested
• Forkliftable for easy handling and transport.
• Removable grating for easy clean-up and maintenance.
• Meets SPCC and EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 Spill Containment Regulations.

Interstate Products is a leader in drum storage products in the containment industry and is been in business since 1996. Interstate Products Inc. supplies spill pallets from four different manufacturers stocked in various locations around the country to serve you faster. IPI 25 years in business and over 2500 independent reviews make it the ideal choice to purchase from with confidence.

Jun 26th 2021 @ 7:42 PM Rich Eisenberg

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