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​Interstate Latest Non-Slip Coating Update: An End to Your Concrete Floor Anti-Slip Worries

Interstate Products Inc. has wowed everyone with their unique and impressive range of safety, environmental and maintenance products that have contributed to solutions for government organizations, commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and military uses.

Upon its inception since 1996, IPI has experienced vast growth and development due to its efforts in producing and delivering some of the most outstanding sets of innovative products in order to meet and satisfy the demands of its growing customer base. They proudly provide solutions to your everyday worries as well as solving more industrial concerns such as safety cabinets, concrete patching, absorbents, rust converters, & environmentally-friendly chemicals to name a few.

With thousands of businesses having been supplied with our reliable products and secondary services, IPI has become the ultimate choice for its b2b customers worldwide. IPI has catered for utility companies, farms, manufacturing operations, construction sites, fire departments, relief agencies, engineering firms, airports, energy management and marine fleets to name a few.

In addition to their ever-expanding product line, IPI also caters to its popular anti-slip concrete solution; Epoxy Non-Slip Floor Coating. This product provides excellent non-slip resistance on concrete floors, ramps, decks, warehouse floors and on any slippery surface that poses as a threat to safety. The solution penetrates into the pores of a surface and strengthens the surface thanks to its permanent molecular bonding and seals off any area in which it is applied to.

Interstate products also introduces Traction-N-More Bare Feet floor covering. This is a low pedestrian grade epoxy concrete non slip coating and meant to be not as course as the standard version while continuing to provide good traction while serving as a anti slip paint. Excellent for lighter jobs, bare feet or livestock applications. 

Traction and More Non-Skid Safety Coating

A part of Epoxy’s Non-Slip Floor Coating kit is Traction-N-More, which is part and parcel of the Master Kit. In this kit, you can easily cover up to 600 ft. square and comes in half-size kits for those who are looking for limited application.

For directions, all you need to do is mix the A and B cans, let it stand for a good 30 minutes, and then proceed with painting the desired surface with a roller. Once dried, this slip-resistance solution will leave you with a sandpaper-like finish, perfect for when you are looking to secure safety measures with non-slip flooring.

An Epoxy alternative, Non-Slip Floor Coating "Safety Seal" comes in 5-gallon pails and can cover up to 1200 sq/ft.  on the inside of concrete areas

Quite the diverse products, IPI’s Epoxy and Epoxy alternative Non-Slip Floor Coating caters to all sorts of customers; whether that is catering to industrial uses, government facilities or, even contractual and residential uses, IPI’s products never fail to deliver their intended purpose. This product is available by special order and comes in pedestrian grade grit – a lower profile grit for barefoot areas and livestock.

IPI’s Epoxy Non-Slip Floor Coating comes in a variety of colors and can also be customized to match your custom color chips. The colors are:

  • Buff
  • Cocoa
  • Dark Brown
  • Tile Red
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Standard Grey
  • French Grey
  • Char Grey
  • Cement Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Sky Blue
  • Slate Blue
  • Ultra Blue
  • Yellow
  • Mint Green
  • Dover Green

With over 20 years of experience under its belt, IPI has rightfully earned its status as the industry’s leading provider of high quality products such as pallets, cabinets, storm water solutions, coatings, flexible storage tanks and spill containment products. All of IPI’s products are available online in both standard and industrial sizes and can be customized to suit the request of its clients.

Interstate Products Inc. is always on the lookout for ways it can serve its customers better. For this reason, they are open to product suggestions and constructive criticism to amplify the quality of their products and services. IPI has now added a new cold weather non slip coating for low temperature applications needed on concrete.

Why Interstate Products Inc.?

Determined to serve its customers to the maximum, IPI is dedicated in helping customers to select appropriate products to resolve their concerns and be satisfied with their choice. IPI not only provides fast shipment, it also provides product support, answer customer’s tough technical questions, provide free technical assistance, quote competitive prices, quantity discounts, and international product shipping.

To get more information on Interstate’s products and services, check their website https://store.interstateproducts.com/pages/contact-us.html or call them at 1-800-474-7294/ 941-377-8610

For queries, you may email them at services@interstateproducts.com

Jan 23rd 2021 @ 1:52 PM Rich Eisenberg

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