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Non-Slip Coating - BARE FEET - Traction-N-More Epoxy Half Kit

Non-Slip Coating : TZ-20-22-BF
Product Label:
  • Bare Feet Non Slip Coating
  • Bare Feet Epoxy Half Kit Traction N More Non Slip Coating Label
  • Bare Feet Epoxy Traction N More Non Slip Coating Colors
  • Before the Application of White Non Slip - Concrete Surface
  • During the Application of White Non Slip coating to concrete.  Notice the easy coverage of a much darker concrete surface.
  • After the application of White Non Slip Coating
Price: $154.70


When surfaces are slippery in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? The IPI TEAM of Experts!

Bare Feet Epoxy Non Slip Coating

Bare Feet Non-Slip Coating - Traction-N-More Epoxy Half Kit - The ultimate in slip proof protection & chemical resistance. A low pedestrian grade version of our original heavy duty Traction and More non-slip coating kit. This version is made for barefoot, agricultural, livestock or other applications where a less coarse aggregate is desired. See label for more uses. A 6 gallon pail containing resin, hardener and aggregate for the strongest possible bond and skid proofing on concrete, metal, fiberglass and more (just not tile).

To apply: Simply clean surface, mix up 2 part epoxy non slip paint, roll down, broadcast the aggregate over it in a uniform fashion and let it dry 24 hours for foot traffic and 48 hours for vehicular. This 100% Epoxy Non Slip coating Kit can be used to help prevent accidents on livestock areas, barns, kennels, porches, decks, sidewalks, ramps, trucks, production areas, driveways, basement floors, bricks and stones, steps and more. Excellent for use on floor areas which are subjected to bare feet, animals, abrasive traffic, impact and/or corrosive spillage. Easy to apply, yet tough enough to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic - even fork lift trucks.

This permanent non skid coating with its powerful industrial sand paper with a low profile aggregate like finish that saves down time by reducing slippery areas in any work environment even if wet or covered in liquids. (Epoxy Non Slip Coatings are Available in a variety of colors as well as custom matched floor colors as close as possible.) Low odor and easy to clean for use indoors and outdoors on sidewalks, decks, walkways, floors, concrete, steel/metal ramps, equipment and much more. ***Just a note-Please make sure "you want it where you apply it" as it is extremely difficult to remove once it dries.

• One Half Kit Covers Up To 300 Square Feet Depending on the Porosity of the Surface Being Treated.
• Available in Standard and Custom Colors

Easy To Apply:-
Start with a clean, dry surface. Mix up the 2 part (Part A, Part B) non-slip paint in its entirety. Use a paddle attachment on a corded drill and mix for 5 minutes or better, let stand 10-30 minutes and roll onto surface. (Medium knap roller recommended) The aggregate can then be broadcast over the freshly painted area.

Cure Time:
This will vary on temperature and relative humidity. 24 Hours for Foot Traffic. 48 Hours for Vehicular Traffic.



Epoxy Non Slip Coating - Concrete Floor Anti-Slip

Every warehouse and facility can take advantage of the Safety Enhancements that a Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating can do almost immediately.   Available in an epoxy broadcast nonslip coating kit, Traction-N-More which comes in  Master Kit (TZ-20-22-M-6) sizes that cover up to 600 ft.² and also and half size kits. This non-slip coating is available in a variety of colors and will also match custom color chips. 

Traction and More provides excellent non-slip resistance on floors, ramps, especially on concrete where the epoxy can penetrate into the pores of the existing surface and provide a permanent molecular bond. This nonslip coating will also seal off any area that you apply it to. To use it simply mix the A and B cans let stand for 30 minutes and paint it down on the surface with a roller. Follow up by broadcasting the aggregate over the area while still wet over and in a uniform fashion.

Available Colors for Non-Slip Epoxy

This nonslip coating leaves an industrial sandpaper type finish.

Safety Seal is a premixed Anti-slip coating product that comes in a 5 gallon pail which will cover up to 1200 ft.² on inside and concrete areas. Safety Seal non-slip coating provides excellent slip resistance.

Interstate products continues to provide nonslip solutions to industry, government facilities as well as residential and contractor applications. Both products are available by special order in a pedestrian grade grit which has a lower profile grit for barefoot areas or livestock.

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