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Anti-Slip Indoor Floor Coating - Pre-Mixed - Safety Seal

Non-Slip Coating : TZ-20-33-5
Product Label:
Resin Co-Polymer

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  • Pre Mix Anti Slip Indoor Coating for Concrete Applications
  • Indoor Anti Slip Concrete Pre Mixed Coating Colors
  • Non Slip Coating Safety Seal 20-33
  • Preparation of floor surface for Non-Skid Coating
  • Gray Non-Slip Mixture Applied
  • Entire Floor Coated with Non-Slip Aggregate Mixture
  • Floor Prepped for Non-Slip Coating
  • During Application of Non-Skid Coating
  • After Application of Non-Slip Coating
Price: $289.00


When surfaces are slippery in your neighborhood, who are you going to call? The IPI TEAM of Experts!

Non Slip Concrete But It Is Easy To Apply!!! Produces a very hard and durable anti slip-resistant concrete surface. This indoor skid proof coating requires no mixing and makes a permanent non skid surface with just a roller or brush. Comes in a wide range of colors. For use to slip proof and accident prevention on sidewalks, ramps, trucks, production areas driveways, floors, steps, and more. Good for inside and concrete areas. Packed in 5 gallon pails and ready to use.

• One 5 gallon pail of Safety Seal Non Slip Coating Covers Up To 1,000-1,200 Square Feet Depending on the Porosity of the Surface Being Treated.
• Available in Standard and Custom Colors
• For Use Mostly Indoors

One component resin co-polymer non slip coating with aggregate to float in this non epoxy coating making it easier to apply and absorb.

Easy To Apply:
Start with a clean, dry surface. This Non Skid Proof Coating requires no mixing and makes a permanent non skid surface with just a roller or brush.(Medium knap roller recommended)

Cure Time:
This will vary on temperature and relative humidity. 24 Hours for Non Slip Foot Traffic. 48 Hours for Vehicular Traffic. 


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