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Rust Converter - One Step Rust Killer - 5 Gallon Pail

Rust : CH-1-STEP/5
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  • Rust Killer Converter - One Step - 5 Gallon Pail
  • Automobile Rust Converted
  • Before Rust On Roof
  • After with Partial Top White Roof Coating
  • Rust Killer with 5-Gallon Pour Spout
  • Structural Rust Converter (Photo Provided by Customer)
  • Additional Photo - Structural Rust Conversion (Photo Provided by Customer)
  • Rust Killer "1" Step Label
  • Rust Converter - One Step Rust Killer  - 5 Gallon Pail
  • Rust Converter - One Step Rust Killer  - 5 Gallon Pail



"1" Step (The Rust Killer) is a water based rust converting paint that will stop rust dead in its tracks! With "1" Step (The Rust Killer) converter and treatment, you can neutralize existing rust and create a smooth long lasting primer on both rusted metal and previously painted surfaces. This formula works fast with drying times of only 30 minutes – no sandblasting or heavy wire brushing necessary. Get up to 500 sq ft per gallon for unbeatable rust protection that gives 2-4x the durability than an acrylic or enamel paint without additional top coats! Even better it's safer than latex paint - get FREE SHIPPING & normally ships within 1-2 business days!

This rust converting paint is for use on: structures, machinery, equipment, vehicles, railings, marine applications, and more. Tens of thousands of successful applications, galvanized surfaces (mixed results, will work but may not change color).

Not for use on: 1-Step Rust Killer is not for stains, aluminum, heated areas like hot engines it is also not to be used on internal surfaces such as the insides of liquid containers such as water and fuel tanks.

Here is what you need to know about why you want to use a water based rust converter.
1. Environmentally Friendly: Water-based rust converters typically have lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels, making them more environmentally friendly and safer for users.
2. Harmful Fumes: Water-based formulations generally produce fewer fumes compared to solvent-based options, providing a more comfortable and user-friendly application experience.
3. Easy Cleanup: Water-based rust converters are easier to clean up with water, eliminating the need for harsh solvents. This simplifies the post-application process and reduces the overall environmental impact.
4. Safe for Use on Various Surfaces: Water-based rust converters are often safe for use on a variety of surfaces, including metals, concrete, and painted surfaces. This versatility makes them suitable for a broader range of applications.
5. Non-Flammable: Water-based rust converters are non-flammable, contributing to a safer working environment. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in settings where fire safety is a concern.
6. Gentler on Materials: Water-based formulations are generally gentler on the materials being treated, minimizing the risk of adverse effects on the substrate while effectively converting rust.

5 gallon pail comes with a Reike spout on the lid screw cap. Simply pull the pour spout out. When done push spout back in and screw cap back on.

With over 3,500 glowing reviews by satisfied customers and a quarter-century of experience under our belt, it's safe to trust BUY@IPI for all your product needs.

Applying "1" Step

BEFORE PHOTO: Apply "1" STEP (THE RUST KILLER) to any rusted surface. "1" STEP converter & treatment penetrates and neutralizes the rust. White when applied and then dries into long lasting black protective coating.

After Two Years

AFTER PHOTO: After two years the untreated metal underneath has rusted away. "1" STEP converter treatment continues to protect the metal section above it. The final color of black may vary depending on stage of rust this paint is used on.


Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) provides tips and advice on the best way their customers can handle rust problems.

The first thing to consider about a rusted object is “How you will use it?” 

A rust converter is the best choice if you don’t need a bare metal finish, such as on an old wrench.  If you will eventually paint the object – such as the outside of a storage tank, an automotive body part or frame, a fence railing – a rust converter and primer all-in-one is probably best, such as  “1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter.

"1" Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter neutralizes existing rust and acts as a smooth long lasting primer on both rusted metal and previously painted surfaces.  "1" Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter can be sanded, top-coated, body puttied or left as is.  “1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter eliminates sand blasting and heavy wire brushing.  “1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter quickly kills the rust and neutralizes it completely, converting the rust to a non-ferrous substance so the rust is gone. The primer like surface that remains cannot rust again.

“1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter has been around for more than 20 years; it is one of our most popular products with through the roof ratings!  Prep time is minimal and it dries in about 30 minutes.    Water based "1" Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter works by a chemical reaction to eliminate rust and covers up to 500 sq. ft. per gallon.  It is non-toxic and contains zero VOC or HAP.

  • Safer to use then latex paint.
  • Dries in 30 minutes into a black* protective coating.
  • Gives 2 to 4 times the rust protection of acrylic or enamel paint without a top coat.
  • “1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter can be applied with brush, roller or sprayer (follow label instructions)
  • Easy cleanup with just soap and water

*The final color of black may vary depending on the stage of rust the “1” Step (The Rust Killer) is used on.

Use “1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter on: structures, machinery, equipment, vehicles, railings, marine applications, and more. There have been tens of thousands of successful applications.

Not for use on very hot parts like engines, exhaust pipes, tail pipes. Not for use on the inside of liquid containers like fuel or water tanks.


“1” Step (The Rust Killer) rust converter is available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

Bare Metal:

If you want the end result to be exposed, bare metal, then a rust remover is better suited for the task. For example; an old hand tool, like a wrench or screwdriver. 

For a bare metal finish you can use acids, a wire brush, a power drill grinder or brush or a sand-blaster.  Caution – most acids are extremely corrosive and hazardous – consult local and federal regulations, as well safety requirements for storage and handling.  Also, acids take longer because they need to soak in to eat away at the rust.

IPI’s new Rust Remover Concentrate is a true breakthrough cleaner. With a pH of 1, this multipurpose cleaner generates the high cleaning power of an acid, yet it is safer and mild to skin like liquid dish soap. The remarkable Rust Remover Concentrate formula contains a special blend of surfactants, organic salts and proprietary additives to create an acid-replacement cleaner that is biodegradable and safer for the environment.

The Rust Remover Concentrate is highly effective against rust, calcium, scale and lime deposits, soap scum, stains and soils, hard water stains, beer stone/milk stone, scuff marks, and grease.

The Rust Remover Concentrate formula may be diluted with up to 25 parts of water or used full strength. Always rinse with water.  UPC: 051497021337


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So it is no surprise why Interstate’s most popular product on the market, is appropriately named ‘ 1Step Rust Killer ’.  1Step has eased the worries of many who regularly encounter rust buildup and corrosion. Known for selling mostly rust converters, Interstate Products Inc.’s rust converter has never failed to convert the most damaging rust surfaces even on some of the largest equipment imaginable – such as buildings and vast water tanks!

Interstate rust converters can be bought in containers of 1, 5, or 55 gallons, depending on the task that is to be performed. Not only are they safe, but they are also less expensive than other rust-removal alternatives such as sandblasting or heavy wire brushing – which can be a lot more work and aggressive on hazardous and may even erode the quality and texture of your equipment.

How Do I Use The Rust Killer?

If you have an old piece of equipment in your possession and don’t require a bare metal finish, then using Interstate’s rust converter is your teammate. This is mainly because 1 Step Rust Killer is most suitable for painting external objects such as structures, trucks, storage tanks or automotive body parts or frames – both of which require priming and rust removing operation.

Having a primer in its ingredients allows this rust converter to firstly neutralize the existing rust, and then with its priming feature, smooths out the rusted metal as well as painted surfaces. What makes this product one of the most raved products belonging to Interstate is the fact that it can be used in more than one way. 1 Step Rust Killer can be either be top-coated, sanded, body puttied, or, even left as is – all depends on the finish you are aiming for.

Furthermore, 1 Step Rust Killer also aims to provide elimination of heavy wire brushing whilst also converting the present rust into a non-ferrous surface so that it may not rust again in the near future. Rust killers are known to be quite harsh as it is never an easy job to get rid of rust from its core. For this reason, Interstate Products Inc. has specially designed its rust killer to kill rust without risking the material’s surface – it is safer than latex paint which goes to show why it is a customer favorite!

Don’t be alarmed, 1 Step Rust Killer has been around for some time now – 20 years to be exact – and even now, it stands out as one of Interstate’s most popular and used products out of their extensive line of products. Plus it is a WATER BASE! All that is required for it to do its job, is to prep the surface, apply the rust converter, then, patiently wait for 30 minutes for it to dry. With every gallon, you can be sure to cover 250 to 500 sq. ft. of surface – and if you happen to need more, you can always purchase their 5-gallon or 30-gallon containers to cover larger areas and items.

1 Step Rust Killer is also proud to be toxic-free and contains no traces of VOC (volatile organic compounds) or HAP (hazardous air pollutant); this means it is safe to use up to 4 times to ensure rust protection of enamel paint or acrylics without needing a topcoat. In addition to this, 1 Step Rust Killer can be easily applied with a brush, roller or sprayer and can be simply cleaned with just soap and water.

Industrial uses such as dealing with rust from structures, equipment, machinery, vehicles, marine or military applications, and railings have all been successfully achieved with the aid of 1 Step Rust Killer's application. However, even though its uses seem endless, we would like to remind you that this product is not to be applied to hot materials and surfaces such as hot engines, tailpipes, and exhaust pipes. With that being said, it is also not to be used on internal surfaces such as the insides of liquid containers such as water and fuel tanks.

To get more information on Interstate’s products and services, check their website https://store.interstateproducts.com/pages/contac... or call them at 1-800-474-7294/ 941-377-8610

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