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50,000 Gallon Water Bladder

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Product Information

Water Tanks : IPI-PWPT-50000
Tank Sizes & Capacities:
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Gallon Capacity:
50,000 Gallons
Bladder Type:
Potable Water Non-Military
Frequently Asked Questions:
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Fabric Specifications:
  • Military Bladder for Water Storage
  • Military Water Storage Bladder
  • Potable Water Storage Pillow Tank
  • 50,000 Gallon Bladder Air Testing
  • Drinking Water Storage Bladder Tank
  • Pillow Tank for Storage of Potable Water
  • Drinking Water Bladder Storage Tank with Ground Mat
  • Flexible Pillow Bladder for Potable Water Storage
  • Potable Water Pillow Tank
  • Flexible Storage Bladder for Potable Water


50,000 Gallon Water Bladder Potable

Potable Water Bladders for remote site water storage, drinking water stations, irrigation, rain water collection, water capture, and more are typically field-tested by users under extreme conditions and from those outcomes our product lines have been designed to become some of the best in the world. Pillow storage tanks are ideal for remote sites because when folded up, they take up a fraction of their deployable space. That makes them easy and cost effective for transport to remote sites.

Collapsible, flexible 50,000 gallon bladders are storage tanks that provide the ideal solution for temporary or long term storage of drinking water and many most aqueous solutions.

• These 50,000 gallon water bladder tanks come fully crated.
• Manufactured to exacting quality standards our water bladders will handle a broad range of land based applications.
• Bladder Tank built to meet Mil Specs, use Mil Spec Fabric. or Commercial;
• Overlap Welds
• Connection sizes from 4" or custom
• Custom bladder and water liner solutions
• Strict Quality Control
• Many high standards to improve durability.

Included Option:
- Ground Mats: For use on rough terrain areas. Ground Mats are waterproof and available for under the 50,000 gallon water bladder protection from rocks and sharp objects. Extra matting extends life of the tank and is made wider and longer than the tank to fully cushion it.
- IPI also provides fuel bladders in large tank sizes for Jet and diesel fuel storage.

50,000 Gallon Bladder Options Available:
- Fuel & Water Tanks include 2 x 4" male camlocks and bottom drain.
- A discharge hose, drain hose, valves and elbows make the set complete.
- Larger Bladder Tanks are available, contact us for details.
- Other size connections, valves, parts and other associated options are available.

Pallet, Crate, Export Certified Crates , UPS  & Common Carriers.

Please Note: The empty dimensions tank sizes can vary depending on application, MFG, fabric used and/or military spec.

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50,000 Gallon Storage Bladders @ IPI

These bladders are used mostly to hold potable water, grey water and fuel. Other applications include all types of storage even including cultivating animal life and more. The storage bladders are made from rugged fabric materials. IPI offers  the Seaman fabric but other options are available depending on need and availability. The biggest users in the world for the storage bladders is the US Military. 50,000 gallon tanks have been utilized by the military for many years. Other users are Power Companies, Construction Companies, Towns refurbishing their hard tanks among many.

At IPI we provide fuel and water bladders for many uses. On larger tanks including the 50,000 gallon bladders, level ground is very important to avoid creeping and for proper tank use and bladder longevity. Options include ground mats, other size ports, valves, elbows, drains, hoses, hose bridges, containment liners and more.

For more information on Storage Bladders for fuel or water contact IPI today at 1-941-377-8610 or 1-800-474-7294.

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