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Ultra-Containment Rapid Rise Berm - 10' x 10' x 12" - Economy

Containment Capacity: 748 Gallons

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Product Information

Berms : UT-8631
Spill Berm Size:
10' x 10' x 12"
Berm Containment:
501 - 1000 Gallons
Spill Berm Type:
Rapid Rise
Berm Width:
Berm Length:
Wall Height:
Length Range:
Width Range:
Containment Capacity:
748 Gallons
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Features Sheet:
  • Ultratech Rapid Rise Berm
  • Rapid Rise Spill Containment Berm
  • Ultratech Secondary Containment Berm
  • Ultra Tech Rapid Rise Spill Berm


Ultratech International Spill Containment Berms @IPI

Ultra-Containment Rapid-Rise Berm 22 oz. PVC - Economy

One of the main advantages of the Rapid Rise Model is that the sidewalls stay out of the way until they are needed. Foam in the top, outer perimeter of this containment berm's sidewalls raise the walls with the level of the liquid should there be a spill while rigid struts provide added support. But the walls stay down and flat during normal, day-to-day, operations. Helps comply with SPCC and EPA spill containment regulations.

Key Features:
• Sidewalls remain down during normal operations, loading, and unloading. Vehicles and equipment can drive in and out with no set-up or take-down required.
• In the case of a spill, the foam ring around the top perimeter of the Containment Berm rises with the level of the spilled liquid.
• Built-in struts around the perimeter of the Berm provide additional support when the liquid level is high.
• Provides quick and easy spill containment for drums, IBCs, vehicles, frac tanks, and other large containers. • Helps meet EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC requirements.
• Built-in handles help with transport and placement.
• Custom sizes available.
• Available in other rugged materials.

* Please note that because the sidewalls of this model lay inward (toward the center of the Rapid Rise Spill Berm), usable space is 15 inches less than what is shown in the product description (e.g. Usable space for a 10' x 10' Berm is approximately 8'9" x 8'9")

Ultratech Ultra-Containment Rapid Rise Berm Specifications:
Part#: 8631
Fabric: 22 oz. PVC
Dimensions: 10' x 10' x 12"
Containment Capacity: 748 Gallons
Weight: 54 lbs.

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IPI has been providing spill berms for 2 plus decades and has a reputation for excellence, proven by our 4.8 satisfaction rating from over 3500 reviews! To top it off, we recently won the esteemed honor of Back to Back -2022 and 2023 Ultratech Distributor of the Year - recognition that highlights IPI's commitment to providing quality products and outstanding service.

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