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QuietSite Premium Sound Barrier - 4' x 8' Panel

Safety : JR-26466
Product Sheet:
Prop65 Warning:
  • Premium Sound Panel on Frame
  • Premium Sound Barrier Panel
Price: $839.82


QuietSite™ Premium Sound Barrier Panel

Help control noise pollution with the innovative QuietSite™ Noise Barriers, which absorbs and reflects sound to reduce the perceived noise level (dBA). Noise in the workplace (occupational noise) not only poses a safety risk to work crews, but also affects the public near job sites. These sound barriers will dampen common construction noises by up to half, changing the perceived sound of a 90 lb. jackhammer breaking up concrete, to the dBA to that of a household blender. These noise barriers are effective in controlling the noise and allow compliance based on the state or local noise ordinance.

The premium noise reduction barrier includes (1) premium 4’x 8’ panel with magnets and hook and loop fasteners. Quickly link multiple panels together with integral magnets and hook and loop fasteners on each panel to create custom noise barrier wall sizes. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the PVC coated fabric construction is UV protected, water resistant and durable to stand up to harsh weather. Panels are modular, versatile and easy to install for both temporary and permanent applications.

Key Benefits:
• Unique acoustic core absorbs noise and vinyl outer layer reflects noise
• Reduces common construction noises by up to half
• Foldable design for easy transportation and storage
• Quickly and easily assembled by one person
• Fire-resistant: Meets NFPA 701 Method 1
• UV protected, water resistant and durable to stand up to harsh weather
• Mount on standard link fence, scaffolding, or steel frame
• Basic panel include grommets for simple installation
• Premium panels feature hook and loop fasteners and magnets—eliminates gaps when overlapping panels
• Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Premium Noise Barrier Panel Specifications:
Color: Gray
Size: 4' x 8'
Material Specifications: PVC Coated Polyester
Temperature Range of Material: -40 - 180 °F
Net Dimensions: 96"W x 1"D x 60"H
OSHA Compliance: Helps comply with OSHA recommendations for noise reduction within work environments
Weight: 15 lbs.

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