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Military Potable Water Bladder - 210000 Gallons

Gallon Capcaity:
2 x 6" Male Camlocks with 2 x Valve, 2 x Elbow 2 x 12’ Hoses, 1 x Vent , 1 x 2" Bottom Drain with 1 x Elbow, 1 x Valve
Bladder Type:
  • Military Water Bladder In Crate with All Accessories.   Approx 8,000 lbs
  • Loading of 3 Crates of 210,000 Gallon Bladder in a crate on a flatbed with forklift
  • Onsite Delivery ready to load onto flatbed truck for multiple 210K Bladders for fuel or water
  • Fully Loaded Ready for Transport to Job Site
  • 3 Crates Tied Down Ready for Pre-Transport Inspection
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Military Potable Water Bladder Tanks

Contact us for 75,000, 100,000 and 210,000 gallon sizes

Military Style bladders are available from 3,000 US gallons to 210,000 for potable, non-potable diesel, jet fuel, and black water. Interstate Products Flexible Water Bladders are available in military style. The water bladders may also be known as blivets or pillow bladder tanks. These water bladders are used for military OPS refueling or fuel storage applications. Manufactured using MIL SPEC Military Grade heavy-duty nylon coated geomembrane fabric materials, our rugged and dependable water bladder pillow tanks are designed to outperform and outlast the competition. Interstate uses multiple bladder factories to serve you depending on availability and need. Military Spec Style & Interstate Products water bladders are available for potable and non-potable applications subject to specifications. Larger sizes are Mil Style Only. Photo's above are meant to be representative and not exact. 

Mil Spec Water Bladder Fabric Specifications**Mil Spec Water Bladder Fabric for Bladders-FABRIC USED MAY DEPEND ON AVAILABILITY AND WILL BE CONFIRMED AT TIME OF ORDER**

• Portable bladder design is a durable storage solution.
• Interstate Bladders can be used for a variety of military or commercial applications for storing potable, non-potable or black water.
• All military bladder tank products are pressure tested and approved to exacting quality standards.
•Only top quality and high military grade materials are used for construction.

210,000 Gallon Water Bladder Included Accessory:
• Ground Mat

Additional Water Bladder Accessories:
• Secondary Water Bladder Containment Berm or Liner
• Repair Kit
• Variety of connections

Always consult with State and/or Local Authorities regarding restrictions for water bladder use in your area prior to purchasing. EPA Regulations require secondary containment for fuel when fuel bladders are deployed. Contact us for Mil Spec tanks and suitbale for DOD Department of Defense. For additional pillow bladder product information or a shipping quote please contact us and speak with an expert Discover the IPI difference! You will always find tremendous value, incredible selection and unequaled service with every product we sell at IPI! Water Bladders are available from multiple shipping points and manufactures. Selection includes military & non military packages. Contact Interstate Products today at 1-800-474-7294, or 941-377-8610.

FABRIC TECHNICAL DATA SHEET L3790NESUE-REVB 1.0 BASE FABRIC 1.1 Base Fabric Weight 15.6 oz/yd2 529 g/m2 2.0 COATED FABRIC 2.1 Total Weight 37 -1/+2 oz/yd2 1,254 -34/+68 g/m2 2.2 Coating Type Urethane 2.3 Sealing Properties Dielectric Thermal ASTM TEST COMMENTS: This product is designed for primary containment of fuel in accordance with MIL-PRF-32233B (Rev May 2015). This product is made with thermoplastic urethane (TPU) resin that is NSF 61 certified for potable water storage. The information contained herein or that is supplied by us, or on our behalf, is based upon data obtained through our own research and is considered accurate. However, No Warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of this data, the results obtained from the use thereof, or that any such use will not infringe upon any patent. This information is furnished upon the condition that the person receiving it shall evaluate its suitability for the specific application./p>

Standard Connection included or call us for other needs.

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