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Military Fuel Storage Bladder - 20000 Gallons

Fuel Tanks : IPI-MSFB-20000
Gallon Capcaity:
2" Bottom Drain, 1 x Elbow, 2 x Valve, 2 sets 12' Hoses, 2 x 4" Male Camlocks, 1 x Vents
Material Specifications:
Bladder Type:
  • 20,000 Gallon Fuel Bladder
  • Military Fuel Bladder Tank


Military Fuel Storage Bladder Tanks

Contact us for 75,000, 100,000 and 150,000 gallon sizes

Military fuel storage bladder tanks @ Interstate Products Inc are ideal for temporary storage of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, oils and other hydrocarbon based petroleum products. These bladders are collapsible tanks are compact, lightweight, durable and easy to deploy. They can be used for a variety of commercial and industrial refueling or storage applications. Interstate Products Manufactured using heavy-duty nylon coated geomembrane materials, our rugged and dependable fuel bladder tanks are designed to outperform and outlast the competition.

Mil Spec Fuel Bladder Fabric Specifications

• Interstate Military Fuel Storage Bladder Are Collapsible, flexible storage tanks provide temporary or long term storage of liquids.
• Useful for oil spill recovery, bulk liquid transport, water storage, bilge slop storage, and suitable commercial and military fuel storage.
• These containers are designed for land based operations, but can be used on the decks of vessels with proper support and restraints.
• Interstate Products standard tanks are great for diesel fuel, gasoline or contact us for additional information on alternative fuels or blended commercial and military fuel storage applications.
• Secondary containment should be used for all fuel storage operations to help comply with SPCC and EPA regulations. Check with local authorities for regulatory information.

For storage of diesel, gasoline, jet fuels, JP 8 and more, look no further than our flexible Fuel Storage Bladders. Interstate Products storage bladders undergo strict quality control standards before shipment. To order or ask questions about custom tanks, current stock, lead times, military specifications, applications, and volume discount; Contact Interstate Products today at 1-800-474-7294, or 941-377-8610.

Standard Connection included or call us for other needs.


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20,000 Gallons Fuel Storage Bladder Tank Article

20,000 Gallons fuel Bladders for remote site fuel products are typically field-tested by users under extreme conditions and from those outcomes our product lines have been designed to become some of the best in the world. Pillow tanks are ideal for remote sites because when folded up, they take up a fraction of their deployable space. That makes them easy and cost effective for transport to remote sites. This bladder's deployable volume is:

IPI-FB-2000 bladder tanks were initially intended for use by the military, power or emergency management compoanies but, today, they are most often used in remote operations around the world for storing fuel, water and chemicals.

Fuel Storage Bladder Tank are manufactured using heavy-duty nylon coated geomembrane materials, our rugged and dependable fuel bladder pillow tanks are designed to outperform and outlast the competition. Interstate Products uses multiple fuel bladder factories to effectively and efficiently serve you based on availability and need.

This bladder's deployable volume is: 12800Lbs, 36.36 drums, 7.4 Cubic Meters, or 5.582 Metric Tons of Gasoline Fuel.

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