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Hughes Emergency Indoor Cubicle Shower

Safety : JR-SD32K45G-PUMP
  • Emergency Cubicle Lab Shower
  • Emergency Shower in Use


Hughes Indoor Emergency Cubicle Shower

Designed for locations where space is at a premium or the emergency safety shower needs to be enclosed, this all-in-one ANSI-compliant combination cubicle shower and eye/face wash helps prevent overspray and is activated by hand upon entry. Hughes cubicle shower has a stainless steel hollow section frame enclosed in GRP sheeting with stainless steel pipes for corrosion resistance and extended life. The exterior sheeting includes universal pictogram signs and green and white safety stripes. Sump pump incorporates an integral float switch, which provides automatic pump control in the form of a low level cut out to prevent the risk of running dry—120V, 60 Hz suitable for general purpose areas.
Mounted on the inside of the cubicle for maximum benefit, the eye/face wash with high, ANSI-compliant flow rate includes aerated diffusers with fine mesh strainers and an individual flow controller which provide a soft, scrubbing action to the eyes and face. Covered bowl also ensures that the eyewash nozzles and bowl remain clean and free from contamination at all times—no dust covers needed. Activate by simply pulling down the cover. Easy-to-reach flow regulator valve positioned on side of bowl adjusts to suit the severity of the accident.
The system features a specially designed, high-performance quarter-turn ball valve made of 316L stainless steel to endure the harshest environments and site conditions. Low operating torque to open valve offers reliable, easy on/off operation when emergencies occur. Valve includes an integral, heavy-duty stainless steel stop-plate to handle rough operation without failure. Includes an inspection record tag for recording test and service history.

Key Benefits:
• Integral drain sump and tsrip screens reduce the risk of surplus contaminated water outside of the cubicle area
• ANSI compliant eye/face wash with acrylic capped ABS lid protects against dust and debris
• Submersible pump in cubicle sump prevents overflow by pumping waste water to a drain

Hughes Emergency Cubicle Shower Specifications:

Hughes Part #: SD32K45G-PUMP
Weight: 270 lbs.
Dimensions(Exterior): 94.8" H x 41" W x 41.2" D
Water Inlet Size NPT: 1 in
Minimum Operating Pressure: 2 bar g, 29 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure: 6 bar g, 87 PSI
Water Flow Shower/Body: 20 Gallons per Min
Water Flow Eye/Face: 3 Gallons per Min
Activation Method: Shower: Pull Lever, Eye/Face Wash: Pull Lid Forward

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