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Hughes Mobile Self Contained Emergency Shower Immersion Heated

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Safety : JR-MHW2000-1


Hughes Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower

Hughes large capacity mobile shower with eye/face wash features a 528-gallon (2000-L) tank for reliable, effective treatment to accident victims in remote locations where a water supply is unavailable. Durable, chemical-resistant polyethylene tank incorporates an electric submersible pump.

Constructed from a durable, corrosion-resistant acrylic capped ABS, the eye/face wash incorporates an integral lid connected to the water valve for automatic operation—activate by simply pulling down the lid. Easy-to-reach flow regulator valve positioned on side of bowl adjusts to suit the severity of the accident. Includes heavy-duty galvanized trailer with toe hitch featuring four braked wheels with standard trailer-type pneumatic tires for easy movement between locations. Includes a universal safety shower and eyewash sign for enhanced visibility. Suitable for use in non-hazardous areas.

Electrical supply: 110V Single Phase, 60/50Hz

• Mobile eye/face wash and shower provides a continuous flow of tepid water for over 15 minutes
• Covered bowl ensures that the nozzles and bowl remain clean and free from contamination
• High-performance quarter-turn ball valves made of 316L stainless steel endure the harshest environments and site conditions
• Integral immersion heater, controlled by a dual safety thermostat, maintains the water in the tank at a constant temperature
• Meets ANSI Z358.1 2014 and EN 15154 standards, supports OSHA requirements

Hughes Mobile Emergency Safety Shower Specifications:

Hughes Part #: MHW2000-1
Gallon Capacity: 528 Gallons
Filled Weight: 5423 lbs
Dimensions, Exterior: 117.2" H x 69.3" W x 169" D
Height Without Sign: 67.3 inches
ANSI Compliance: Yes
Water Inlet Size NPT: 18" Hinged Lid
Water Flow Shower/Body Gallons/Min: 20 Gallons
Water Flow Eye/Face Gallons/Min: 3 Gallons
Operating Valve Material: Shower Valve: 316L Stainless, Eye Wash Valve: Chrome Plated Brass
Eye/Face Wash Bowl Material: Acrylic-Capped ABS Plastic
Mounting Type: Portable
Activation Method: Shower: Hand Lever, Eye/Face: Pull Lid Forward
Eye/Face Wash Bowl Interior Dimensions: 9.5" W x 8" D
Electrical Equipment Classification: General Purpose
Electrical Supply: 110 VAC, Single Phase, 60/50 Hz
Heating Type: Immersion Heater
Heating Load: 2200 Watts
Operation Duration: 15 Minutes

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