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Hughes Combination Shower - Freeze Protected - Floor Mount - Closed ABS Bowl

Safety : JR-H5G45G-1H


Hughes Combination Shower - Freeze Protected - Floor Mount - Closed ABS Bowl - Galv. Pipe 120V C1D2

This freeze protected and insulated shower is intended for use where there is a possibility of the water inside of the shower freezing due to extreme cold climates. It features trace tape heating with polyethylene jacket and polyurethane foam insulation to improve frost protection and strength.

This floor mounted emergency combination shower features a specially designed, high-performance quarter-turn ball valve made of 316L stainless steel to endure the harshest environments and site conditions. Low operating torque to open valve offers reliable, easy on/off operation when emergencies occur. Valve includes an integral, heavy-duty stainless steel stop-plate to handle rough operation without failure. Durable, coated stainless steel shower pull handle with nylon valve connection is easy to grip and activate for immediate water drenching.

The shower includes a removable, self-draining overhead nozzle designed for high flow rates that meet or exceed ANSI standards. Constructed from a durable nylon material, the nozzle offers optimal spray distribution for user protection. Made of tough, corrosion-resistant acrylic capped ABS, the covered eye/face wash incorporates an integral lid connected to the water valve for automatic operation. Activate by simply pulling down the lid. Easy-to-reach flow regulator valve positioned on side of bowl adjusts to suit the severity of the accident.

Solid construction using galvanized mild steel pipework. Includes an inspection record tag for recording service and test history. Some assembly may be required.

Electrical supply: 120V Single Phase, 60/50Hz

Key Benefits:
• For cold climates with a minimum ambient operating temperature of -4°F (-20°C) or above
• Covered acrylic-capped ABS eye/face wash protects the bowl and eyewash diffusers from dust and debris
• Suitable for both Class 1 Division 2 hazardous areas, as well as non-hazardous areas
• Includes a universal safety shower sign for enhanced visibility
• Meets ANSI Z358.1 2014 and EN 15154 standards, supports OSHA requirements

Hughes Combination Shower Specifications:

Hughes Part #: H5G45G-1H
Weight: 55.1 lbs
Dimensions (Exterior): 104.5" H x 14.7" W x 35.2" D
Height Without Sign: 91.6"
Water Inlet Size NPT: 1-1/4"
Minimum Operating Pressure: 2 bar g, 29 PSI
Maximum Operating Pressure: 6 bar g, 87 PSI
Water Flow Shower/Body US Gal/min: 20
Water Flow Eye/Face US Gal/min: 3
Material Specifications: Eye/Face wash diffusers: Chrome plated brass w/Stainless steel mesh
Operating Valve Material: Shower Valve: 316L Stainless, Eye Wash Valve: Chrome plated brass, Nozzle: Nylon 6 Red
Eye/Face Wash Bowl Material: White Acrylic-Capped ABS Plastic
Activation Method: Shower: Pull Handle, Eye/Face wash: Pull Lid Forward

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