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Decontamination Deck - Non-Ambulatory Model

Spill Equipment : UT-6020
  • Decon Deck Non - Ambulatory
  • Decontamination Deck
  • Non-Ambulatory Decon Deck
Price: $727.00


Decontamintaion Deck - Non-Ambulatory Model

The Ultra-Decon Deck has been engineered for use as a Single Station Field Decontamination System™ The Single Station Field Decontamination System™ was developed to improve field delivery of technical and tactical decontamination for responders.

The system provides for multiple washes and rinses on a single containment platform — eliminating the need for multiple containment pools. Set-up time and staffing are reduced significantly using this process and workers are never expected to stand in contaminants.

Decon Deck Features:
• Replaces conventional containment pools - contaminated water is captured in Deck sump and attached 66-gallon bladder(s)
• Quick and easy set-up.
• Use for chemical, biological, and/or radiological response.
• Replacement Bladders available (P/N 6340).
• All components fit inside of Decon Deck for quick transport and easy storage (Optional Carrying Case available - P/N 6006)
• All Decks are slip resistant.

Non-Ambulatory Model Features:
• Elevated Deck allows contaminants to be separated from workers and patients.
• Deck and Bladder contain 99 gallons.
• Includes: Decon Deck with (1) Bladder Attachment, 8' x 8' Ground Tarp, Spray Wand (7 gpm output), and Supply Hose.

Decontamination Deck Non-Ambulatory Model Specifications:
Dimensions: 82-1/2" x 27-7/8" x 5-3/4"
Uniformly Distributed Loads: 4,500 lbs.
Containment Capacity: 99 Gallons
Weight: 71 lbs.

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