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Morse Drum Lifter Super Duty Below-Hook Carrier with 2500 Lb. Capacity

Material Handling : MM-185XGR
2500 lbs
Drum Equipment Type:
Drum Lifter
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Drum Dumper - Morse Super Duty 3 Piece Kontrol-Karrier - Morse 185XGR Super Duty 3 Piece Kontrol-Karrier, 2500 lb Capacity - Morse Super Duty Drum Handling System

Morse Model 185XGR Super Duty below-hook drum carrier allows you to lift, rotate and control drum above your reach. You control drum tilting 360 degrees in either direction. The super duty drum carrier has a pull chain to control the drum tilt with a 150:1 worm gear speed reducer and Super Duty rating. You can handle extremely havy drum weighing up to 2500 Lbs., or a half-full* drum up to 1250 Lbs. Designed with a heavily reinforced 3-piece drum holder.

Morse drum lifters comply with ANSI/ASME B30.20 standard for mechanical, below-the-hook lifting devices as it applies to the following:
• Rated load markings and unit identification
• Minimum design safety factor of 3, based on yield strength, for load bearing structural components
• Welding is performed by certified welders who have passed the ANSI/AWS D14.1 welding qualification test
• All welding is in accordance with ANSI/AWS D14.1 and ASME BTH-1

Morse 185XGR Super Duty Drum Carrier Specifications:
Capacity: 2500 lbs.
Weight: 286 lbs.

*Half-Full Drum Rating
Half-full drum rating for below-hook drum carrier is an indication of capacity for tilting unbalanced, bottom heavy drum. Partially full drum with unbalanced and shifting load is harder to tilt than full drum.

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