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Morse Forklift Attachment Single Drum Handler with 1 Head

Material Handling : MM-288-1
1500 lbs
Drum Equipment Type:
Forklift Drum Attachment
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Morse Drum

Morse MORSpeed™ Forklift Attachments

Morse's 288-1 forklift attachements are contoured to securely grasp various rimmed drums. Precision gripping mechanism is built to last. MORSpeed™ forklift drum movers handle virtually any rimmed drum regardless of diameter. These forklift drum grabbers require that the drum lid be in place on your drum. You can move drums with damaged sides or straight walls. Also works with or without pallets. This forklift attachment requires 16.5" between forks, as fork pocket openings are 16.5" apart. Each opening is 2.5" high by 6.5" wide.

MORSpeed™ Forklift Attachment Features:
• 1 Drum Handler, 1 Head for the Drum
• Can handle rimmed steel, fiber or plastic drums
• Capacity up to 1500 lbs per drum
• Accomodates drum height of 24" or taller, including 30 gallon, 55 gallon, and 85 gallon drums
• Compatible with any diameter drum, straight walled drum or damaged drum

IMPORTANT NOTE: The single head MORSpeed™ requires a minimum 75 lbs. per drum to begin the gripping action. Units with 2 heads per drum require minimum 350 lbs. per drum.

Morse 288-1 Forklift Attachment Specifications:
# of Drums: 1
Heads Per Drum: 1
Minimum Weight Per Drum: 75 lbs.
Capacity: 1500 lbs
Weight: 267 lbs.

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