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Morse Manufacturing

Morse Heavy Duty Forklift Drum Handling Attachment

Material Handling : MM-285A-HD
1500 lbs
Drum Equipment Type:
Forklift Drum Attachment
Product Features Sheet:



Morse Forklift Attachments

Morse's lift truck attachments are used to move and pour your drum weighing up to 1500 lbs. Convert your lift truck into a drum handler. Turn drum 360 degrees, in either direction. You control the drum tilt with 60:1 ratio tilt gears. This attachment requires 25" between forks, as fork pocket openings are 25" apart. Each opening is 2.5" high by 6.5" wide. The pull chain loop allows drum tilt control from the driver's seat of your fork truck with 20' chain loop providing a 10' drop of chain for operator to turn drum.

Lift Truck Attachment Features:
• Drum holder automatically cinches for 22" to 23.5" diameter drums
• Accepts Diameter Adaptors for your smaller drums
• Includes safety covered gears for your protection
• Has durable stress relief weld joints for years of service
• Cinch chain has flexible chain cover to help protect drum sidewall

Morse 285A-HD Heavy Duty Forklift Attachment Specifications:
Capacity: 1500 lbs. Full Drum, 800 lbs. *Half Full Drum
Weight: 171 lbs.

*Half-Full Drum Rating of lift truck attachments is an indication of the capacity for tilting an unbalanced, bottom-heavy drum. A partially full drum with an unbalanced and shifting load is harder to tilt than a full drum.

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