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Drum Palletizer - Morse 82H - Rimmed Drum - Manual Lift

Material Handling : MM-82H
1000 lbs
Drum Equipment Type:
Drum Racker
Price: $2,850.89



Drum Palletizer - Morse 82H - Rimmed Drum - Manual Lift - Morse Drum Lifter/Palletizer

Lift and transport drums and barrels. Move drums on and off pallets, spill containment pallets in upright position, and drum dollies. Lift an upright drum 19" high. The V-Shaped base of these drum movers allows you to raise and place a drum at the corner of pallets. The base of the drum mover will straddle a pallet up to 41" wide and 7" tall.

Equip your drum transporter with Power-Lift Options for more ergonomic means to raise drums. Drum movers are available with AC, DC or Air power-lift options.

These drum movers and palletizers / depalletizers have jaws to grip the top rim of an upright drum, allowing you to efficiently lift a drum onto and off pallets and transport drum. The completely mechanical, automatic grip has wide jaws and is built to last.

Drum Lifter/Palletizer Features:
• Handle any rimmed steel, fiber or plastic drum
• Transport, palletize and depalletize various diameter drums
• Raise drum up to 19" from floor
• Place or retrieve a drum at the corner of pallets
• Straddle a pallet up to 41" wide and 7" tall
• Requires a drum to be a minimum of 22.5" tall
• (2) 4" swivel casters at back
• (2) 6" wheels at front
• Counterweighted for stability

Morse 82H Drum Lifter/Palletizer Specifications:
Overall Width: 48.5"
Overall Length: 43"
Turning Radius: 53"
Legs: 9" high and reach 20.75" in front of upright stanchion
Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Weight: 456 lbs.

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