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Drum Racker - Morse 611-115 MORStak - 56" - Battery Power Lift and Tilt

Material Handling : MM-611-115
800 lbs
Drum Equipment Type:
Drum Racker
Price: $8,928.83



Drum Racker - Morse 611-115 MORStak™ - 56" - Battery Power Lift and Tilt - Morse Drum Rackers

Morse Drum Racker allows you to rack your 55-gallon steel or plastic drum with top rim up to 8.5 feet high. The material handling solution for safe, efficient drum racking. Use this modern material handling equipment with powered lift and tilt. Lift your drum, tilt it to horizontal and set it into your drum rack.

The MORStak™ drum racker is your material handling solution for safety conscious, efficient and cost effective drum storage and retrieval. Drum rackers replace unsafe "bare fork" handling of drums using large, expensive fork trucks.

You can handle your 55-gallon drum with a drum faucet in place. This allows your drum rack to serve as a dispensing station. MORStak™ drum racker has 5" diameter front wheels to fit under the bottom shelf of your drum rack.

This drum racker arms fit easily into spaces below the curvature of a horizontal drum on your drum rack. This provides the most efficient use of drum storage space because drums can be racked side by side with virtually no space between them.

Morse Drum Rackers handle ONLY a 55-gallon steel or plastic drum with top rim, and maximum weight of 800 Lb. They will NOT handle a smaller drum or a drum without a top rim. They have a positive drum gripping mechanism that must be manually engaged before lifting an upright drum or tilting a drum from horizontal position. MORStak™ drum rackers will not allow you to tilt your drum without the clamp engaged.

• The Drum Pads are designed to support a flexible plastic drum.
• Drum Pads are included with all MORStak TM Drum Rackers
• When the Drum Pads are installed, it reduces maximum drum cradle width from 19" to 13" for racking a 55-gallon drum
• Drum Pads are included with each Drum Racker

Morse 611-115 Drum Racker Specifications:
Dimensions: 46"L x 36"W x 78"H
Type: Single Stage
Motor: 12V DC Powered Hydraulics
Rack Up To: 56"
Weight: 785 lbs.
*Service 3 Drums Wide in 86" wide drum rack

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