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Ultra Gravel Bag, Roll Form Green, 2 Continuous Roll

Storm Water : UT-9784


Ultratech Gravel Bags

Ultra Gravel Bags

Heavy-duty bags provide quick and easy sediment and erosion control

Some may consider gravel bags to be "old school" but in some applications, they are an excellent solution. To say that gravel bags have come along way over the years may be an overstatement but to say that they are the same now as they were on day 1 would be selling them short. At least when describing Ultra-Gravel Bags.

UltraTech's bags are made from heavy-duty geotextile material with a high UV rating so they're designed for years of outdoor exposure.
All Ultra-Gravel Bags are sold empty so they're easy to get onsite. Fill them with sand, gravel or other aggregates to create quick and versatile erosion control.

Key Features:
• Gravel bags are a basic BMP (Best Management Practice) used to meet regulatory requirements for stormwater and erosion control
• The sizes are industry standard and allow the user to fill them up with as much or as little gravel (not included) as the application requires
• Different sizes lend themselves to different applications; from drain protection to erosion control at construction sites
• Made of a very high-quality polymer material that is woven into shape - eliminates the flaws and failures of sewn edges
• High UV rating allows multi-year life in sun and elements
• Rugged material and construction can, in most instances, withstand being driven-over, a typical problem with lesser bags

Ultra Gravel Bag 9784 Specifications:

Model: Roll Form, Green
Quantity: 2 Continuous Roll
Dimensions: 2 Rolls 11" x 250 yards each (500 yards total)
Weight: 60 lbs.

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IPI has a reputation for excellence, proven by our 4.8 satisfaction rating from over 3500 reviews! To top it off, we recently won the esteemed honor of 2022 Ultratech Distributor of the Year - recognition that highlights IPI's commitment to providing quality products and outstanding service.

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