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Triple Threat - Weed Killer - Selective Herbicide - 5 Gallons

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Weed Control : AL-363/5


Total Solutions 363 Triple Threat Selective Weed Killer Free Shipping!

PLEASE NOTE: Some Herbicides and Insecticides are not available for sale in states where prohibited by law and/or regulation.

Triple Threat NOT AVAILABLE in AK, CA, CT, DE, HI, LA, ME, MA, ND, NV, RI, TX, VT, WA, DC, Canada & Puerto Rico.

Triple Threat Liquid Weed Killer and selective herbicide provides complete broadleaf control in lawns, parks, sports fields, golf courses and ornamental turf areas. Available in 55 gallon, cases of 4 x 1 gallon, 5 gallon sizes. Triple Threat 363 Selective Liquid Weed Killer is a highly concentrated formula that dilutes in water making it ideal for large scale application on lawn grasses with 1 gallon capable of treating 1 acre. Other concentrations can be used to kill Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, Dandelions, Thistles, Bindweed, Dock and Ragweed. Do not apply the 363 Triple Threat to Dichondria, Lippa, St. Augustine or Clover lawns.

Dilution Rate Coverage: Use 8 ounces in 6 gallons of water to treat 2,500 ft2. A stronger solution is required for hard-to-kill weeds.

Effective Against: • Burdock • English daisy • Lambsquarter • Plantain • Wild aster • Canada thistle • Frenchweed • Mallow • Poison ivy • Wild carrot • Chicory • Ground ivy • Morning glory • Poison oak • Wild garlic • Chickweed • Hawkweed • Mustard • Purslane • Wild onion • Clover • Healall • Oxalis • Ragweed • Spotted spurge • Dandelion • Henbit • Pennywort • Smartweed • Many other broadleaf weeds • Dock • Jimson weed • Peppergrass • Sorrell

Contains 2,4-D, 2,4-DP and MCPP concentrate

2,4-D/2,4-D SALTS
Mimics the action of a growth hormone within the plant. It stimulates unusually rapid growth which strains the life support system of the plant to a point where death occurs.

A group of systemic herbicides designed to kill specific broadleaf weeds. Once absorbed into the plant, they kill by disrupting important metabolic processes within.

With 25 years plus in business, combined with almost 4000 and growing- awesome 3rd Party client reviews, with a 4.8/5 overall satisfaction rating "It Makes Sense to Buy@IPI" when you need weed control.

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