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Storm Team Max - 4 x 55 Gallon Drums Liquid Ice Melt

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Ice Melt : NA-STM-55
Ice Melt:
4 x 55 Gallons


Storm Team Max Liquid Ice Melt

Storm Team Max Liquid Ice Melt is a 50% w/w potassium acetate solution, is an environmentally safe and effective alternative to chlorides. It is friendlier to corrosion sensitive infrastructures such as bridges and parking decks, and is effective in the most extreme winter conditions. Storm Team Max is listed as a Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) qualified product with an exceptional corrosion % rate effectiveness. Storm Team Max is actively applied to bridges by various DOT’s.

Storm Team Max anti-icer/de-icer is formulated with a proprietary corrosion inhibitor package to improve its compatibility with copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloys, zinc and other metals and alloys. The corrosion inhibitors work by forming a protective barrier between the metal and the liquid runway de-icers (LRD).

All equipment surfaces that are frequently exposed to de-icing chemicals should be routinely rinsed with warm water (especially before and after the winter season) to prevent the accumulation of residue, minimize staining, and maintain equipment integrity.

Local conditions such as ground and air temperatures, the frequency and intensity of precipitation (freezing rain, sleet, snow, rain or a mixture), humidity, and surface materials and application equipment will have significant effect on fluid and/or solid de-icer requirements. Liquid properties including viscosity, specific gravity and surface tension as well as temperature will influence nozzle selection and spray pressure.

Storm Team Max may be used as an anti-icer or de-icer. It is ready to use and requires no dilution, mixing, or heating.

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