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Non Potable Water Pillow Tank w/Ground Mat - 5,000 Gallons

Water Tanks : IPI-NPPT-5000
Tank Sizes & Capacities:
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Gallon Capacity:
5,000 Gallons
XR-5 8130 Fabric Specs:
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Bladder Type:
Non Potable Water Non-Military
Frequently Asked Questions:
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  • Water Storage Bladder Tank
  • 5,000 Gallon Grey Water Bladder Tank w/ Ground Mat
  • Non Potable Pillow Bladder Tank


With 25 Years in Business, Industry Leading, Unsurpassed Product Support ratings with over 2500 x 5 Star, 3rd Party Client Reviews, you can confidently Buy @ IPI. We love the challenge of meeting and exceeding your liquid storage tank expectations.

5,000 gallon Military Style bladders are also available in 3,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, & larger up to 210,000 US gallons for potable, non-potable, and black water storage. Interstate Products 5000 gallon Flexible Water Bladders are available in military style and more common commercial versions. The water storage bladders are also called blivets or pillow bladder tanks. Storage bladders are collapsible tanks featuring compact, lightweight, durable, and easy to deploy design. They can be used for a variety of commercial, industrial, and military refueling or storage applications. Water storage bladders are used for military, commercial, and industrial storage applications. Flexible Water Bladders and Pillow Tanks are ideal for temporary water fields, drinking water stations, disater or emergency response, and humanitarian missions.

Non Potable Water Pillow Tanks w/Ground Mat

Collapsible, flexible storage tanks provide the ideal solution for temporary or long term storage of non potable water, black water, fuel, oil and most aqueous solutions.

• Fast and easy to install with standard size capacities available from 100 to 210,000 gallons.
• Manufactured to exacting quality standards our bladders will handle a broad range of land based applications.
• Bladder Tank built to meet Mil Specs. and used for Commercial or Civilian Applications
• Overlap Welds
• Connection sizes from .25" - 6"
• Custom bladder and water liner solutions
• Strict Quality Control
• Many high standards to improve durability

Included Option:
- 2 x 2" Male Camlocks
- Pressure Relief
- Ground Mats: For use on rough terrain areas. Ground Mats are waterproof and available for under the tank for protection from rocks and sharp objects. Extra matting extends life of the tank and is made wider and longer than the tank to fully cushion it.

Options Available:
- Tanks 200 Gallons and under have a 3/4" discharge
- Tanks over 200 Gallons up to 25,000 Gallons have 2 x 2" Male Camlocks (one on top and one side mounted) and garden hose fitting
- Tanks 25,000 Gallons and up have 2 x 4" Male Camlocks (one on top and one side mounted)
- Other size connections, valves, parts and other associated options

Pallet, Crate, Export Certified Crates , UPS  & Common Carriers. Larger tanks packed with forklift slings to ease deployment

Please Note: The empty dimensions tank sizes can vary a little depending on application, fabric used and/or military spec.

We provide tanks up to 210,000 Gallons

• Below is for IPI Sizes up to 25,000 gallon like this 5,000 Gallon Flexible Pillow Tank:
• It all starts with quality control
• Bladder Tanks meet commercial and specifications (Mil Spec Available)
• 5 year MFG warranty on seams and workmanship on our flexible bladders, exclusive of freight and abuse
• Non-Potable Pillow Tank Material: XR-5
• Fittings: 2” Poly Male camlocks/, Quick Disconnects
• Other fittings available
• All Bolt on connections are used
• Lay Out Handles
• Pressure Relief/vent included
• Testing on all flexible pillow and bladder tanks prior to shipment
• Sizes up to 210,000 gallons are available. Manufacture may vary
• Custom Pillow tanks and connections are available

Pillow and Bladder Tanks Can Be Used for Much More Than Holding Water

• Clean Out or Tank Repair Storage. Pillow and Bladder Tanks are ideal for portable compact storage of liquids while other tanks are being cleaned or repaired. Once the permanent tanks are ready simply pump the liquids out of the Pillow Tank. Once empty and prepared for storage the Bladder Tank can be folded for compact storage without taking up workspace.

• Rainwater Capture. Portable and storable pillow tanks work great for rainwater capture. You can easily deploy the tanks when expecting rain. Use the pillow tanks to store the water until used and simply fold up the tank when rain is not expected or if you need to capture rainwater in a new area.

• Irrigation. Pillow Bladder Tanks provide simple and efficient storage options for irrigation used. Simple to configure for storage of irrigation water and easy to fold, store, or move to the next irrigation location.

• Weight and Load Testing. Pillow and Bladder Tanks can be used to load test weight bearing areas or equipment. Simply fill with the desired volume and weight of liquid needed for the load test. Once complete the Pillow Tank can be emptied and stored until the next load bearing test is conducted. This allows for access to high volume and weights without taking up storage or floor space when not in use.

• Drought Preparation. Store Water for later use during periods of drought. Reclaimed water, rain water, irrigation water, and more can be stored in flexible tanks for future use.

• Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Missions. Access to clean reliable drinking water is essential following hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters. Flexible Bladder tanks can be quickly and easily deployed in remote hard to reach areas and areas with damaged infrastructure to provide drinking water for those in need.

• Man Camps. Provide access to clean water for the individuals in man camps using flexible pillow tanks. Non Potable Water can also be stored for wash down, plumbing, or other uses.

• Construction Water. Quick Easy Access to Water needed during construction. Flexible tanks can be filled, used, and emptied as needed. Pillow tanks are portable enough to move with the job as needed throughout the construction site.

• Remote Fire Preparedness. Transport tanks to remote areas and fill with water for fire response. Flexible tanks can be filled and left to be ready for rapid fire response.

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