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Make-A-Berm, Heavy Duty Vented Corner, 1.5 inch High, 2 per Box

Berms : JR-28494
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Justrite is a MFG of Build-A-Berm

Justrite Make-A-Berm, Heavy Duty Vented Corner 1.5 inch High 2 per Box

Make-A-Berm™ Heavy Duty allows for spill containment to be installed around difficult to move equipment, spill-prone areas, or areas where a standard-shaped berm wont’ work. Heavy Duty vented Corner pieces are key to providing a full spill containment. These allow air to flow thru as forklift traffic and hand truck equipment are being used. Non-absorbent Orange modified PVC coated fabric provides a highly resistant barrier to contain oils, gasoline, acids and other liquids.

Key Benefits:
• Heavy Duty berms use heavier duty PVC coated material along with aluminum strips to withstand vehicle traffic.
• Vented corners allow for air to release when berm is rolled on so that the berm is not damaged.
• Corner pieces can be combined with straight pieces to create a complete containment solution.
• Contains spills and leaks around unique equipment situations.
• Hi-visible orange color for use in high traffic areas.
• 1.5” and 2” are ideal for small to medium capacity containment needs.
• Semi- permanent, can easily be installed and removed.
• Helps to comply with EPA for containment and spill prevention (SPCC) regulations.

Justrite Make A Berm Heavy Duty Corner Set 28494 Specifications:
Color: Orange
Material Specifications: PVC Coated Fabric
Exterior Dimensions: 1.5"H x 5.5"W x 11"L
Included: 2 ea. 1.5" H vented corners, Aluminum strips with screws
Berm Shape: Half Moon
Foam Material: Open Cell Urethane
Temp Range of the Material: -40°F - 180°F
Vehicle Traffic: Vehicle Traffic, Fork lifts, Wheeled Carts, Hand Carts

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