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Interstate Counter or Desktop Isolation Barrier 48"W x 36"H

  • Counter/Desk Isolation Barrier
  • zip ties
Price: $156.00


Interstate Products Covid-19 Social Distancing Counter/Desktop Isolation Barrier

When social distancing cannot be maintained but operations need to continue, Isolation Barriers/Sneeze Guards provide needed protection in office environments, manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, retail businesses and public buildings.

Isolation Barrier/Sneeze Guard Features:
• Personal barriers offer protection from sprays, splashes and direct respiratory droplets to limit exposure to contaminants
• Designed to maintain workplace efficiency—easily move as needed to provide a barrier at counters, desks and work areas
• Eliminate the need to change or spread out workstations— clear PVC lets you interact with others while still physically separating
• Extruded aluminum frame with flexible PVC panel is durable yet lightweight
• Clean with soap and water or disinfectant solution (ammonia-based cleaning products not recommended)
• Easy to assemble with included zip ties(user supplied mallet required)
• Made in the USA—short lead time and fast delivery
• Choose from freestanding or counter/desktop style barriers
• Custom sizes available

Counter/Desktop Isolation Barrier Specifications:
Size: 36"H x 48"W
Included: Zip Ties for Clear Panel
Weight: 9 lbs.

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