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Drive Thru Spill Containment Berm - 15' x 50' x 12"

Berms : IPI-DT1550-12-DT
Spill Berm Size:
15' x 50' x 12"
Berm Containment:
> 5000 Gallons
Spill Berm Type:
Drive Through
Chemical Compatibility Guide:
Fabric Specifications:
Berm Width:
Berm Length:
Wall Height:
Length Range:
Width Range:
Containment Capacity:
5,610 Gallons
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10 Years IPI XR5 L Bracket Berms include a Ten (10) Year limited warranty. Warranty includes use of loaner repair kit with heat gun and field repair patches by Ground UPS service (Within Contiguous 48 United States). 10 Year warranty on berm seams and workmanship. XR5 material berms include 10 year prorated warranty against cracking, UV damage, and mildew damage. Contact us for details and restrictions. *Warranty does not cover abuse, improper handling, improper storage, shipping cost, or other damage caused by improper use. Chat Online or Call for details at 1-800-474-7294 / 941-377-8610.
  • Drive Through Berm
  • Drive Over Spill Berm
  • Drive Thru Berm
  • Secondary Containment Drive Thru Berm
  • Drive Thru Spill Containment Berm - 15' x 50' x 12"
  • Drive Thru Spill Containment Berm - 15' x 50' x 12"
Price: $4,848.00


Drive Thru Spill Containment Berms
These exit and entry edges will automatically rise with the level of any spill but will allow trucks to drive right over them. (6" of clearance is needed = Not for forklifts but great for most trucks, tankers and trailers). These rugged and portable berms sizes range from 12' x 10' to 20' x 100' with custom fabricating available.

• Compacts down for easy storage
• Exit and Entry Walls that raise with level of spill
• No corners to rip out
• With 6" of clearance, trucks can drive over walls hassle free
• Quick berm assembly with removable heavy duty supports
• Lightweight, portable and quick to deploy
• Longest warranty in the industry
• Comes with a repair patches
• Heavy Duty Fabric
• No exposed screws or screws of any kind
• Capped Drains for rainwater release available
• Overlap Seams
• Superior workmanship and warranty
• Skirt with grommets for stake down

Drive Thru Spill Containment Berm Specifications:
Dimensions: 15' x 50' x 12"
Containment Capacity: 5,610 Gallons
Material: XR-5

Contact Us For Options:
• Ground Mat
• Track Mats
• Filter

IPI Drive thru berms are fabricated with MADE IN USA, industry leading XR-5 GEOMEMBRANE. IPI has been a Spill Containment Leader for over 20 Years so naturally we trust the material that has 40 years of results and reliability, XR-5 Geomembranes. Terminals, fleets, truck and tanker operators need the strongest geomembrane liner for their flexible spill berms for the drive over applications. XR5 has been tested for use in the world’s harshest conditions. XR-5 Geomembrane is the highest-strength and most chemically resistant geomembrane on the market. Spill Containment requires materials you can rely on. With XR-5 berm fabric you get industry leading puncture strength, abrasion resistance, toughness, and a range of other properties. XR5 also Outperforms lesser fabrics with: • Low thermal expansion/contraction • Superior UV/chemical resistance and tensile strength • 10-year warranty and chemical-resistance warranty. This means it last longer, stores, deploys, resists ripping, handles moving, temperature swings better and more. Choose XR-5 for your Secondary Containment Berm drive over projects.

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