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Ultra-Pop Up Pool - 66 Gallons - Economy Model - 8068

Spill Equipment : UT-8068
Chemical Compatibility Guide:
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Ultratech International

Ultratech Pop Up Pools

Ultra-Pop Up Pools instantly expand to capture leaks and are available in 400, 250, 150, 100, 66 and 20 gallon sizes.

• Unique design allows foam ring to rise with level of liquid to raise the sidewalls
• Compact Size- folded stores inside spill kits
• Excellent chemical resistance, including diesel fuel, anti freeze, acids, caustics and corrosives
• Perfect for spill response to damaged saddle tanks, cross over lines, hazmat spills, leaking containers, machinery and piping
• Can also be used as a decontamination pool and collection pool for soiled sorbents

Ultra-Pop Up Pool 8068 Specifications:
Style: Economy - 66 Gallons
Dimensions (Filled): Wall Height: 12"; Top Dia: 42"; Bottom Dia: 53"
Weight: 4 lbs.


QUESTION: What's the difference between the economy model and the sprung steel model?
ANSWER: Cost: Economy, as you might guess, is less expensive. Because the sprung steel ring is not used in the economy model we are able to produce it at a lower cost.
Set-up: Sprung steel pops open as soon as it is removed from its included case. Economy needs to be unrolled and/or shaken open – a very quick process but slightly slower than the sprung steel model
Larger sizes: The economy model pop up pool is the only model with larger, 250 and 400-gallon sizes available.

QUESTION: Can I use it with diesel fuel?
ANSWER: Yes, all Ultra-Pop Up Pools are compatible with diesel fuel.

QUESTION: Can I drive over it?
ANSWER: There are no supports or structures that could be damaged if driven over so it is possible to drive over an Ultra-Pop Up Pool. However, the product is not designed for that type of application and will likely not stand up to it for long. If a drive-in/out capability is required, an Ultra-Containment Berm would likely be a better solution.

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