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Ultra-Spill Pallet P2 Flourinated (2 Drum) With Drain

Spill Pallets : UT-1213
Spill Pallet Size:
2 Drum
Containment Capacity:
66 Gallons

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Price: $635.00


Ultratech International

Specially Treated Spill Pallets Provide Maximum Protection

Certain chlorinated solvents are considered incompatible with standard polyethylene. However, a gas treatment process known as fluorination alters the surface of molded polyethylene products, making them compatible with these and many other aggressive chemicals. The light blue color indicates that the Spill Pallets and grates have been fluorinated.

Ultra-Spill Pallet P2 Flourinated Specifications:
Dimensions: 53" x 29" x 16 ½"
Uniformly Distributed Load: 3,000 lbs.
Containment Capacity: 66 Gallons
Weight: 63 lbs.

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