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Ultratech ADA Pad, Surface Mount, Retrofit, 0751, 2'X4', Yellow

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Safety : UT-0751
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Ultratech International is a MFG of ADA Pads

Ultra ADA Pads

Detectable warning system aids the visually impaired

Ultra-ADA Pads are designed for the visually impaired to feel the raised, truncated domes with their feet. This, in combination with a tapping cane, can alert them to an upcoming intersection or other potential hazards.

• Available in four (4) sizes: 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’ and 2’ x 5’.
• Safety yellow color assists people with severe visual impairment. Black, brick red and safety red also available.
• Flexible construction forms to fit dips, slopes, and inclines in sidewalks and walkways.
• Installs quickly and easily using adhesive and anchors (included).
• Better slip resistance than composites.
• Better impact resistance than composites.

Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Provide tactile warning surfaces which comply with the detectable warnings on walking surfaces section of the Americans with Disabilities Act

28 CFR Part 36 (Section 4.29) ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Ultratech ADA Pad 0751 Specifications:
Size: 2' x 4'
Color: Yellow
Weight: 15 lbs.

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IPI has a reputation for excellence, proven by our 4.8 satisfaction rating from over 3500 reviews! To top it off, we recently won the esteemed honor of Back to Back -2022 and 2023 Ultratech Distributor of the Year - recognition that highlights IPI's commitment to providing quality products and outstanding service.

Yet another day in which IPI's products have rescued its customers from their worries with their UltraTech ADA Pads – designed specifically to aid the visually impaired. UltraTech ADA warning systems include ADA mats, ADA sidewalk pads, and ADA concrete mats which are structured in a truncated dome-like fashion, which is then placed over curbed sidewalks, ramps to assist those who are visually disabled.

These truncated dome mats can be placed over concrete– whether they are sidewalks or ramps; these ADA mats function as tactile warning strips to alert visually-impaired pedestrians.

These padded ADA mats are designed to make foot-travelers aware of its raised structure. This, along with the assistance of their walking cane, can become aware of any upcoming intersection that may be imminent, or, even potential dangerous objects which may be occupying their pathway. (Other potential hazards)

IPI's UltraTech ADA detectable warning tiles warning are available in four sizes:

  • 2' x 2'
  • 2' x 3'
  • 2' x 4'
  • 2' x 5'

Four available sizes are available to help meet the requirements as set by both state and local governments that require from ADA pads. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, IPI also offers its ADA pads in colors like safety yellow as well as colors like brick red and safety red.

Thanks to its flexible design, these warning pads can fit onto dips, inclines, and slopes in sidewalks and walkways.

Another great reason why these warning pads are so valued is that they are easy to install. At the end of the day, who wants to deal with the hassle in setting up a simple ADA mat, right? To make the installation procedure even easier, IPI offers its UltraTech ADA mats that include adhesives and anchors.

These anchors and adhesives are what keeps these mats in place firmly and provide much better slip resistance than any other composite material out in the market. Did we mention these ADA pads and mats are also unbreakable?

IPI's ADA Pads are completely secure to be used on concrete surfaces. It can easily get attached to the pavement using its industrial-strength adhesive – which when it dries, sets securely and firmly. After that, concrete anchors are hatched on the corners of the pad to ensure firmer adhesion.

However, as a disclaimer, we would like to mention that IPI's UltraTech ADA pads are not to be applied to wet concrete. Instead, they are to be installed once any concrete or cemented area has been cured entirely. As for these pads being used on asphalt surfaces, they can be used but only with the aid of special adhesives.

Many wonder, why use ADA pads when stamped concrete would do the trick. The whole concept of ADA pads is to stand noticeably different when compared to adjoining surfaces to indicate as a warning for those who are visually challenged.

We are proud to say that our ADA detectable tiles, mats and pads are readily available on our website in a selection of sizes. If you have queries related to product usage, staff assistance, and product information, please contact us at 1-800-474-7294. We at IPI also offer our valuable customer's discounts on bulk ADA Warning Pads orders and aim to always provide our customers with excellent product support and service at a moment's notice. That is how we earned our 96% customer approval rating.

If you wish to learn more about ADA pads, please check out our section on our website devoted to ADA pads. For any query or complaints, you may also call us at 1-800-474-7294 or email us at services@interstateproducts.com

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