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Spill Containment L-Bracket Berm - 14' x 54' x 12"

Containment Capacity: 5,655 Gallons

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Product Information

Berms : IPI-LB1454-12-XR
Spill Berm Size:
14' x 54' x 12"
Berm Containment:
> 5000 Gallons
Spill Berm Type:
L Bracket
Chemical Compatibility Guide:
Material Specifications:
Berm Width:
Berm Length:
Wall Height:
Length Range:
Width Range:
Containment Capacity:
5,655 Gallons
Berm Features:
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10 Years IPI XR5 L Bracket Berms include a Ten (10) Year limited warranty. Warranty includes use of loaner repair kit with heat gun and field repair patches by Ground UPS service (Within Contiguous 48 United States). 10 Year warranty on berm seams and workmanship. XR5 material berms include 10 year prorated warranty against cracking, UV damage, and mildew damage. Contact us for details and restrictions. *Warranty does not cover abuse, improper handling, improper storage, shipping cost, or other damage caused by improper use. Chat Online or Call for details at 1-800-474-7294 / 941-377-8610.
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L-Bracket Spill Containment Berm Features:

• To set up the L-Bracket Berm just unfold berm, lift the walls into place and slip heavy duty brackets into slots on berm.
• Walls are supported by a sturdy "L" frame construction.
• Deploys instantly, easy to store, no straps or trip hazards and quick setup/breakdown time.
• Walls go up and down individually in minutes when brackets are slipped in and out.
• L-Bracket Berm wall heights can be fabricated from 6" up to 18" high.
• To move it, slip out brackets, collapse walls and fold it up.
• Optional drains may be added.
• Be secure with our 10-year warranty on seams and workmanship and 10 years pro-rated on cracking, UV and mildew*
• All Sizes available and call or contact us for custom sizes without custom prices!
• IPI Berms are now in use all over the world by military, government and industrial users.
• Reinforced corners
• No exposed screws or screws of any kind
• Overlap Seams
• Superior workmanship and warranty 
• Skirt with grommets for stake down

Ten year limited warranty includes use of loaner repair kit with heat gun and repair patches. Contact us for details and restrictions.*Warranty does not cover abuse or shipping cost. Call for details 1-800-474-7294. Our most popular berm is lower cost and ideal for stationary equipment, tanks, trucks, generators and applications where user may NOT be driving in and out often. If user needs to drive out, every 10’ of perimeter takes just 2 or 3 minutes to remove or re-insert support brackets.

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WE USE INDUSTRY LEADING XR-5 GEOMEMBRANE. IPI has been a Spill Containment Leader for over 20 Years so it makes sense we would trust the material that has been leading the way for over 40 years, XR-5 Geomembranes. Our customers need the strongest geomembrane liner for their flexible spill berms and XR5 has been tested for use in the world’s harshest conditions. XR-5 Geomembrane is the highest-strength and most chemically resistant geomembrane on the market. XR-5 has served our customers all over the globe to meet their flexible spill containment needs against acids, oils, methane, alkalis, chemicals, water. XR-5 is a superior choice for secondary spill containment berms over other materials based on:

• Low thermal expansion/contraction
• Superior UV/chemical resistance and tensile strength
• 10-year warranty and chemical-resistance warranty

Why choose XR-5 for Secondary Containment: Reinforced flexible geomembrane liners are a better option for flexible spill containment berms because these liners don’t leak, are a better value over alternative containment systems, and can be customized for almost any spill containment application. Spill Containment requires materials you can rely on. With XR-5 you get industry leading puncture strength, abrasion resistance, toughness, and a range of other properties. Very flexible, the prefabrication of XR-5 reinforced geomembranes allows for improved liner integrity and significantly reduces the number of field seams. Fewer and stronger seams equal superior Secondary Spill Containment. Choose XR5 for your flexible containment needs.

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